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How to get your garden party-ready

Garden party ideas for a summer soirée

Get your garden prepped and ready to host a summer shindig, whether it’s an invite for two or open to the whole street. From sprucing up your front door with a lick of paint, to filling your backyard with garden party decorations. We’re here to make sure everything runs smoothly, so you can spend less time stressing, and more time making treasured memories with friends and family. Check out our summer garden party ideas and get ready to host the event of the year.

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adult garden party ideasadult garden party ideasadult garden party ideasadult garden party ideas

Refresh your front door

Been meaning to paint your front door for a while? Well, with a party coming up, there’s no time like the present. Give your front door a fresh coat of paint to impress your guests. We’ve got door and window paint in a range of glorious colours, from bay tree green to gentle blue. Our guide will show you how to strip, sand, and paint your front door in just one day. Haven’t got time to spare? No worries, you can still freshen up your entrance in just a few minutes by giving your door a wipe down with a sponge and bucket of warm water.

white house and grey front doorwhite house and grey front doorwhite house and grey front doorwhite house and grey front door

Paint or stain your fence

Now that you’ve got your paint brushes and tools out, you might as well give your fences a freshen up too. It’s not until you start painting or staining your fence, that you realise how mucky it really is! We’ve got a huge range of shed and fence paint, take your pick from a variety of gorgeous colours and wood stains. Why not get creative and experiment with a two-tone fence? Or perhaps an ombre fence feature wall? It would make a fantastic background for all those party pics.

paint garden fencepaint garden fencepaint garden fencepaint garden fence

Clean and maintain your patio or decking

Give your patio or decking a good scrub so it looks as good as new.

Maintain your patio

Use a broom to give the area a sweep first. Cover your paving with a patio cleaner and leave to dry, then rinse with either a pressure washer, hose, or watering can. If there’s still grime in the grooves, a scrubbing brush will do a great job at removing dirt and moss.

Maintain your decking

If you have timber decking, you should treat it every two years, and we suggest giving it a yearly clean with a pressure washer or decking cleaner. Check out our guide to find out how to clean and treat your decking.

decking caredecking caredecking caredecking care

Mow the lawn

Make sure your lawn is neatly trimmed and deliciously green for your garden get-together. In the warmer months you should aim to mow your lawn once a week. Check out our lawn care tips to find out how to keep your grass looking green and healthy all year round. If you’ve got a large lawn, lay down blankets and outdoor cushions to create more seating area for guests. And make sure to set aside some space for playing fun lawn games such as croquet, boules, and frisbee!

adult garden party ideasadult garden party ideasadult garden party ideasadult garden party ideas

Spruce up your garden furniture

Get your garden furniture out from storage, dust it down and make sure it’s clean for guests to relax on. If you have plastic or hardwood outdoor furniture, simply give it a wipe down with a sponge and some warm soapy water to remove any cobwebs and dirt from last summer. If you have softwood garden furniture, such as pine or acacia, clean it with a wood-cleaning product and then treat with a wood stain. If you have metal garden furniture, give it a clean with a sponge and warm soapy water, check for any rust, and treat any damage with rust-preventing paint.

Why not make your outdoor living space extra welcoming with some outdoor cushions, rugs, and blankets? Not only will they make the area cosier – they’ll also give your garden a stylish pop of colour.

garden party accessoriesgarden party accessoriesgarden party accessoriesgarden party accessories

Create your own party sign

Homemade garden party decorations help to set the scene and create a welcoming atmosphere. Why not make some party signs to dot around the garden for added fun? You could have one that says, ‘sweet treats’, another that says, ‘dancefloor’, and one pointing towards the garden saying, ‘garden party this way’.

You could upcycle an old picture frame and turn it into a chalkboard sign – use some wood paint for the frame and chalkboard paint to cover the glass panel. Or perhaps you could upcycle an old pallet and lean it against the wall. If you’ve got some spare MDF wood or carboard, cut it into the shape of an arrow for a makeshift party sign. Then attach to a wooden pole and place in a spare plant pot full of stones to keep it upright. There are so many ways to make your own garden party signs, so put your creative cap on and experiment.

garden party foodgarden party foodgarden party foodgarden party food

Put up a gazebo for a weatherproof party

Even if the weather forecast is predicting sunny skies, there’s still always a chance that the rain will gate-crash your party. Don’t let the unpredictable Irish weather scupper your plans. Prepare for the worst and put up a gazebo in your garden. As well as a place to seek refuge from the rain, a gazebo is also a great place to cool down after being in the sun for too long. And don’t forget to decorate with outdoor string lights, bunting, and other outdoor party decorations for a gorgeous set up.

garden party decoration ideasgarden party decoration ideasgarden party decoration ideasgarden party decoration ideas

We’d love to see your garden party set up. Post your photos on Instagram and tag us using the hashtag #BandQit (we might even share your pics on our website and socials!)