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Spray paint is excellent for delicate and fiddly jobs. It can also be used to create stunning stencils on a range of walls around your house. It provides superior coverage and can help you to reach those areas which cannot be reached with a paintbrush. Once it dries, it leaves a smooth finish with zero cracks, bubbles or brush marks. Using paint spray allows you to get jobs done more quickly and efficiently. At B&Q, you can browse an impressive selection of spray paint products that offer different colours and finishes. You can also purchase specialist paints to use on household items such as stoves and BBQs, disguise stains, prevent mould, and more. Spray paint can be used for decorative purposes, such as craft projects, as it’s easy to apply to even the smallest of surface areas. You can swap cans within seconds to create multicoloured items and add glitter and texture to make everyday items sparkle. These paints are designed to withstand wear and tear; some can even be used on outdoor surfaces such as garden furniture, wooden planters, and patio ornaments. They can also be stored safely, ready to use for whatever project you decide to undertake next.

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