Get stuck into your garden with our gardening range at B&Q. Regardless of your level of experience, we have a variety of products to ensure you have a successful tomato harvest or flourishing flowers to ensure your garden is the talk of your neighbours. From bulbs and seeds to plant protection and weed killers, we have everything you need to keep your garden in top condition year round.

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Plants, seeds & bulbs

Spending time in the garden is a luxury and we want to help you achieve the garden of your dreams with our gardening range at B&Q. Whether you have a vegetable garden, or want to cultivate beautiful blooms, there’s something for everyone in our range. For root vegetables or bulbs, using a planter will give you the space you need for the roots to settle. These can also be decorative adding extra colour and dimension to your garden. For germinating seeds, and truly looking after your plants year round, we have a range of greenhouses and gardening sheds for you to have the space you need to look after your plants year around, and allow you storage space for all your garden tools, so you never have to worry about where the bag of compost is again! Worried you don’t have enough space to showcase your green fingered side? You don’t have to! We have a variety of indoor plants which you can nurture in the comfort of your own home which can help you bring the outside in and give a new life to your living space.