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Door Paint

Door paint is different from everyday gloss and emulsion as it is designed to withstand rain and heavy storms. You might wish to use it to protect and revitalise an old door or add colour and a heavy-duty coating to a newly purchased door. As well as stocking front door paint, we have products that can be used on other types of doors, such as garage and conservatory doors. We have a vast range of colour options and finishes that can make the exterior of your home look smarter in a flash. Door paint is very cleanable, too, so fingerprints and smudges can be easily wiped away. Furthermore, it’s designed not to fade or turn yellow under direct sunlight. Many of the door paints we sell can be used for various other purposes in and around the home. So, if you have railings or a gate by your front door, you may be able to purchase a single product to cover, colour, and protect them. Depending on the size and quantity of doors that you wish to repaint, you can purchase tins of door paint in a range of quantities, including 0.25L, 0.75L and 2.5L.

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