Heating, plumbing & cooling

From warming your home to cooling it down to fixing leaking pipes and broken loos, whatever you’re working on, you’ll find what you need to complete your heating, cooling and plumbing project with ease at B&Q. Choose from a fantastic range of fixtures and fittings, tools, parts, home heating, air quality control and more, all available in a wide range of sizes, styles and finishes to suit your needs. So, whether you’re renovating your entire home, replacing something that’s seen brighter days or mending something that’s broken, you can rest assured we’ve got your heating, cooling and plumbing needs covered.

Fires, stoves & electric heating

At B&Q we want to make sure that your home is fitted with great quality products designed to maintain the optimum living conditions regardless of the outdoor environment. If the weather is cold and windy, our range of radiators is on hand to ensure you stay warm and toasty. From vertical radiators that fit the narrowest of walls to the more traditional column radiators, our offering ensures we support you in keeping your home warm regardless of the architectural criteria. If you are not a big fan of how radiators look, we have radiator covers which will not only hide the radiators but add style and personality to your home. We also offer other types of radiators such as towel radiators to provide you with a crispy warm towel after your morning or evening shower.

Better your plumbing infrastructure with our quality pipes and pipe fittings, this will reduce the chances of accidents and the heat will be able to transmit throughout your home without any issues. For extra efficiency, make use of our pipe insulation offering to benefit from their temperature maintenance.

On the other hand, if the weather is hot and humid, our wide range of air treatment solutions is on hand to keep you cool in the summer. Tackle humidity with our extractor fan range and create a gentle breeze with our cooling fans to reduce the effects of the heat. So, whether you want to warm yourself up or cool yourself down, you'll find everything you need to do so here at B&Q.