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Anti-mould Paint

Anti-mould paint provides a durable and decorative coating to both ceilings and walls, and it also offers long-lasting protection against mildew, mould, and fungal attacks. It also does a great job of insulating walls when applied liberally. You can use bathroom paint with anti-mould properties to redecorate rooms that suffer from persistent condensation, including bathrooms, WCs, and kitchens. We also sell paint that can cover and prevent water stains caused by leaks and other types of water damage. You can buy anti-mould paint from B&Q in a variety of colours and sheens, all of which are easy to clean. We stock a range of pot sizes to help you cover both small and large areas, and you can apply your preferred paint with either a brush or a roller. Anti-mould paint not only resists water but blistering too, and it’s designed to provide effective and lasting protection against harmful and unsightly mould. You can buy it in a choice of classic colours that are made by big-name brands and apply it to many types of interior walls and ceilings. Some products can also be used to cover and protect doors and windows that are prone to leaks and condensation.

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