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Garden tools

Gardening tools are great for keeping your outdoor space looking immaculate and at B&Q we have a variety of garden tools for whatever project you are working on. Whether you keep your garden simple with just a grassy area and need a lawnmower, or want to prune your plants to perfection with garden hand tools you can cultivate the garden of your dreams with our gardening tools range.

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From pruning to mowing, garden tools are a helpful way to make your outdoor space look perfect all year around. From gardening beginners to those who keep a pair of secateurs in their back pocket for clipping back that stray branch on their beloved rose bush. You can be assured that there is a tool for everyone to keep your garden fresh. If you want to keep a stylised garden without the fuss, a lawnmower is staple gardening tool and can be used not just to keep your grass short, but also to provide extra nutrition for your lawn. The grass clippings can be left behind you as you mow to be recycled back into your soil allowing your lawn to stay pristine without the need for fertilisers. However, if you are worried about the number of leaves and grass you have on your lawn, a simple garden rake is a great option for keeping things a little tidier, and by gathering these together you get the benefits of being able to recycle your garden waste within your local garden recycling programmes, or you can compost this to keep your garden flourishing. For keeping your garden clean, we have pressure washers and garden hoses to take the edge off your garden furniture and paving, giving your garden a new lease of life in spring.