Garden hand tools & equipment

At B&Q you will find all the garden hand tools and garden equipment to support you in any of your gardening projects. From those looking to do their regular maintenance bits, growing veggies for their delicious vegetable soups, or perhaps trying to do their bit for the environment by planting nectar-rich flowers. Whatever the project may be, our wide range of gardeners’ tools will support you in achieving your gardening goals and keep your garden looking its best. We are here for the gardeners who are one tool away from completing their garden tool set to those who are just beginning their gardening journeys, B&Q has got you covered!

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Tend to your outdoor spaces with our excellent range of garden hand tools and equipment. Keep garden plants looking trim while using minimal energy with our range of secateurs, or focus on removing the dead, diseased or damaged stems and branches using our pruners. Take care of your flower beds and vegetable patches with our offering of shovels, forks and edgers, which will help you preserve all the qualities that makes soil productive. Or perhaps you are seeking to add further nutrients to your soil, use our composters to create nutrient rich soil for your garden plants to thrive on. Discover our range of rakes and weeding tools to help you remove all those unwanted visitors for good and keep your garden looking clean and sharp, just how you envisioned it! Lastly, for those gardens requiring heavy-duty work, make the task simpler by benefiting from our range of wheelbarrows which will aid you in transporting the heavy tree stumps or debris. So, no matter how big or small the task ahead, you’ll find the perfect set of garden hand tools to take care of the job at B&Q.