Home furnishings

Make your house feel like a home with home furnishings at B&Q. We offer a variety of homewares which can be mixed and matched to create the living space of your dreams. Transform your home with modern décor pieces, or bring simplicity with a minimalist interior design. Add the finishing touches with soft furnishings to bring a cosy feel to your home. All home décor has a place and can be used to make any space feel like yours.

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Redecorating your home is a great opportunity to reinvigorate your space, and home furnishings provide the perfect finishing touches for your space. We have a variety of wall décor and home accessories available to ensure your house feels like home.

If looking at a blank wall makes you wish you had something worth talking about, opting for a framed picture allows you to fill the space in a minimalist style. We have plenty of wall art for every room of the home, from dramatic cityscapes to traditional floral styles, there is artwork for all your needs.

Nothing brings a more personal feel to a room than showcasing your photos of loved ones and providing those previous snaps with protection ensures the photos stay as vibrant as the memories. Using black frames ensures your photos stay safe, but also look stylish and modern within the space they showcased. We have both wall-mounted and freestanding options available so you can display all your significant moments in your home.

Mirrors are great in small spaces to bring in more natural light into your room and can make it feel larger. We have plenty of mirrors available to fit any room you desire. Whether it be to do that final outfit check in a full length mirror or using a wall mirror to bring in more light to support your morning routine, feel ready to take on the day in a space that feels like your own.

Soft furnishings bring a comfy, cosy feeling to a room and are perfect for completing a room. Plain coloured rugs are great for creating a consistent look to your home. Opting for one of our grey rugs allows you to stay on trend and protect your carpets and laminate floors from daily life. Our rugs are available in a variety of cool or bright colours to match with the rest of your décor and bring additional warmth and texture to your space. For versatility, we have a selection of indoor and outdoor rugs meaning you invite guests in without worrying about dirty footprints.