Fires, stoves & electric heating

Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your home the whole year round with our wonderful range of fires, stoves and electric heaters. Available in a fantastic selection of attractive colours, fuel types, modern and traditional designs and sleek finishes to complement your style, you’re sure to find the perfect fit your space and budget. Don’t have a flue? No problem. You’ll find a number of products that don’t need a chimney, meaning upgrading your living space just got a whole lot easier. You'll even find options that you can switch on without having to leave the comfort of your favourite armchair.

Focal Point brand tile
BeModern brand tile

People usually consider fires and stoves to be the centrepiece of their living room, which makes the selection process a daunting task for everyone. With our selection of electric fires, fireplaces, and stoves you are sure to find one that will suit your living room perfectly. Regardless of whether you live in a flat or a family home, our electric heating solutions are a great alternative to the traditional fireplaces and gas fires, as they are both low cost and perfect for supplemental heating. Their glass pane makes them a lot safer too, especially for families with little children and pets which use the living room as a play area. 

However, we haven't forgotten about our customers with built-in traditional fireplaces. We have ensured that our offering has a range of fire fuels to keep your living rooms warm and toasty in the winter too. And for those seeking to heat a specific area of their home at a time, our portable heating options are perfect for those kinds of situations and will also work as the perfect plan B in the worst-case scenario.