Kitchen trends for 2023

Cooking up a storm: the biggest kitchen style trends

Eager to find out the latest kitchen trends for 2023? Look no further. This year it’s all about luxurious surfaces, sleek lines, and rich tones. We’ve got the low down on which design trends and kitchen styles the public have been scouring the internet for. Scandi kitchens are due a comeback, and we're waving goodbye to sage green as we make way for deeper, darker shades. Read on to find out the latest kitchen design ideas set to make an impact in 2023.

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1. Open plan living

With more people working from home, the kitchen is becoming a hub for a variety of activities beyond just cooking and eating. As a result, we’re all leaning towards kitchens with multifunctional spaces that can accommodate work, play, and socializing.

Open plan kitchens foster a sense of togetherness. With an open layout, everyone can easily interact whilst cooking, eating, or simply relaxing. It’s a great way to bring people together and create a welcoming and social space. If you’re looking for some open plan kitchen ideas, read our article for some inspiration and helpful tips. We’ll help you bring your vision to life, and we’ll even show you how to create an open plan kitchen in a small space.

kitchen trends open plan 2023kitchen trends open plan 2023kitchen trends open plan 2023kitchen trends open plan 2023

2. Dramatic dark green kitchens

Are you ready to add some drama and sophistication to your kitchen? If so, then it’s time to come to the dark side. Dark green kitchens are having a major moment right now. We’ve seen an 82% uplift in online searches for “dark green kitchen cabinets” and a 200% uplift in searches for “emerald green cabinets”.

Rich, jewel-toned greens add instant character and depth to any space. No matter how you choose to incorporate this dramatic shade into your kitchen, be sure to balance it out with light, neutral accents. Read our green kitchen design ideas for bundles of inspiration.

emerald green kitchensemerald green kitchensemerald green kitchensemerald green kitchens

3. Scandinavian style kitchens

Nordic-inspired kitchens are making a comeback. This charming trend is known for its neutral colour palette, natural materials, and tidy aesthetic. We’ve seen a whopping 83% uplift in online searches for “Scandinavian kitchen” and a 23% uplift in searches for “Scandinavian kitchen design”. We predict that this style will have a huge influence on kitchen design in 2023.

It’s easy to bring this look to life. Combine wooden surfaces, organic shapes, and soft accents for a Scandi look. Read our article to find out how to bring some Nordic magic to your kitchen.

scandi kitchensscandi kitchensscandi kitchensscandi kitchens

4. Gorgeous grey kitchens

Grey has been a popular choice for kitchen colour schemes for years now, and it shows no signs of slowing down. And why should it? Grey is the ultimate chameleon of colours – it can be cool and modern, or warm and traditional – it all depends on the shade you choose and how you choose to accessorize.

We’ve got a wide range of grey kitchens to choose from, such as our graphite Artemisia shaker kitchen in a beautiful matt finish, or our sleek Stevia gloss kitchen in light grey. Looking for some inspiration to help you bring your monochromatic scheme to life? Read our article packed full of grey kitchen ideas.

grey shaker kitchengrey shaker kitchengrey shaker kitchengrey shaker kitchen

5. Add drama with kitchen wallpaper

Kitchen wallpaper is a fun and stylish way of adding some personality to your cooking space. We’ve seen a 50% uplift in searches for “kitchen wallpaper” in the past year. Gone are the days of boring, white walls in the kitchen. Now homeowners are opting for colourful, patterned wallpaper to add some personality to their cooking spaces.

From trendy geometric patterns to delicate florals, there is a style out there for everyone. It’s not just about aesthetics, kitchen wallpaper has practical benefits as well. It’s moisture-resistant and easy to clean, making it the perfect choice for a humid environment such as a kitchen. And with advances in wallpaper technology, it’s easier than ever to remove and replace wallpaper when you’re ready for a change.

kitchen wallpaper ideaskitchen wallpaper ideaskitchen wallpaper ideaskitchen wallpaper ideas

6. B&Q loves - Luxury kitchens

We’re predicting that luxury kitchens will be a huge trend in 2023, with homeowners looking to create a sense of opulence and indulgence in the heart of the home. We’ve seen a 49% uplift in online searches for “luxury kitchen design” in the past year. Think marble surfaces, sleek lines, integrated appliances, and metallic accents.

Want to know the secret to a luxury kitchen? It’s simple. You’ve got to go handleless. With our Innovo range you can create a truly modern and lavish kitchen. Pair your handleless kitchen with neutral shades and dark surfaces for a contemporary look. Handleless kitchens are easier to keep clean than a conventional kitchen, as there aren’t any grooves for grime to build up. So, you can spend less time cleaning, and more time doing what you love. Whether that’s making gnocchi from scratch, baking cakes, or even dancing!

Can’t afford a full kitchen refit? You can still bring a touch of luxury to your space with one or two key upgrades, such as a statement light fixture or stylish splashback. From built-in storage to smart appliances – we’ve got everything you need to take your kitchen from dreary to deluxe. Discover our luxury kitchen ideas.

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7. Black worktops

Black worktops are having a moment, and it’s not hard to see why. We’ve seen a 50% uplift in online searches for “black worktops” in the past year. They’re daring, bold, and totally chic. If you want to make a statement, then a black kitchen worktop is the way to go. Not quite ready to commit to a full black worktop? You could always opt for a black island or accent counter instead. This can still give you that trendy look without overwhelming the space. Or why not use sticky back plastic to cover your worktops? It’s a non-permanent way of changing up the look of your kitchen surfaces.

black kitchen worktop ideasblack kitchen worktop ideasblack kitchen worktop ideasblack kitchen worktop ideas

8. English country décor

If you’re looking for a cosy, inviting kitchen design for 2023, you might want to consider the English country décor trend. We’ve seen a 22% uplift in online searches for “country kitchen” in the past year. This classic style is inspired by the charming, rustic farmhouses found in the countryside and brings a touch of warmth to any kitchen.

This style is known for pairing natural materials and textures for an earthy look. Want to bring a cottage feel to your kitchen? Combine floral patterns, natural wood, and vintage accessories. A ceramic Belfast sink will add plenty of country charm. Country kitchens also feature plenty of plants and flowers, as well as ceramics and pottery. These can be displayed on open shelves or hung on the walls to add a pop of colour.

country kitchens 2023country kitchens 2023country kitchens 2023country kitchens 2023

Hungry for more? If you need some help planning a kitchen renovation project, have a read of 4 steps to planning your kitchen. Short on space? Our small kitchen ideas can help you out.