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Kitchen trends for 2024

Cooking up a storm: the biggest kitchen style trends

Eager to find out the latest kitchen trends for 2024? Look no further. This year it’s all about organic materials, metallic accents, and stress free layouts. We’ve got the low down on which design trends and kitchen styles the public have been scouring the internet for. We're waving goodbye to grey kitchens as we make way for bolder, brighter colours. Read on to find out the latest kitchen design ideas set to make an impact in 2024.

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kitchen trends 2024kitchen trends 2024kitchen trends 2024kitchen trends 2024
blue and orange kitchenblue and orange kitchenblue and orange kitchenblue and orange kitchen

1. Bold kitchen colours

That’s right, bold colours are back. Neutral tones have been popular in recent years, but in 2024, we’re seeing a shift towards bolder, more vibrant shades. This year is all about having fun, showing off our personality and being unapologetically ourselves.

From warm oranges and mustard yellows to playful pinks and cobalt blues – bright colours will bring personality to any kitchen. We’ve seen a 300% uplift in online searches for “mustard yellow kitchen cabinets” and “light pink kitchen cabinets” and a 22% increase in searches for “bright colours for kitchen walls”.

As well as a rise in the popularity of bold kitchen colours, we’ve seen more designers experiment with colour blocking, using contrasting shades to create a stunning visual impact. Try pairing blue cabinets with burnt orange walls, or pair yellow kitchen cabinets with purple walls.

gold kitchen accessoriesgold kitchen accessoriesgold kitchen accessoriesgold kitchen accessories

2. Gold and brass finishes

We’re seeing gold and brass finishes making a comeback in recent years. These warm metallic tones add a touch of luxury to any space. With a 19% rise in online searches for “antique brass kitchen taps” and a 22% increase in searches for “gold kitchen utensils” and “gold cooking utensils” – it’s clear that gold and brass will have a huge influence on kitchen design in 2024.

If you want to bring some elegance to your cooking space, include gold or brass accessories and finishes in your kitchen. Remember, a little bit can go a long way, so don’t feel that you need to use this metallic shade in every element of your kitchen design. Simply changing your cabinet handles or installing a brass effect kitchen tap will make a huge difference!

scandi kitchen trend 2024scandi kitchen trend 2024scandi kitchen trend 2024scandi kitchen trend 2024

3. Scandinavian style kitchens

Nordic-inspired kitchens have been popular for a while now, and they’re not going away anytime soon. This charming trend is known for its neutral colour palette, natural materials, and tidy aesthetic. We’ve seen a 22% uplift in online searches for “Scandinavian kitchens” and a whopping 300% uplift in searches for “Swedish kitchen design” compared to last year. We predict that this style will have a huge influence on kitchen design in 2024.

It’s easy to bring this look to life. Combine wooden surfaces, organic shapes, and soft accents for a Scandi look. Read our article to find out how to bring some Nordic magic to your kitchen.

organic kitchen materialsorganic kitchen materialsorganic kitchen materialsorganic kitchen materials

4. Sustainable materials and appliances

We’re all becoming increasingly eco-conscious and looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. We’ve seen interior designers incorporate more sustainable materials, such as bamboo and recycled glass, into their designs to create eco-friendly kitchens. Bamboo, cork, and linoleum are all sustainable materials that can be used to create eco-friendly surfaces such as flooring or worktops.

As well as organic materials, we’ve seen more people look for energy-efficient and water-saving appliances. As the trend towards sustainable kitchen materials and appliances grow, we expect to see even more innovative options available in 2024 and beyond!

kitchen plantskitchen plantskitchen plantskitchen plants

5. Kitchen plants

From fiddle-leaf figs to trailing ivy and windowsill herbs – plants bring colour, texture, and life to our kitchen décor. We’ve seen a 27% increase in online searches for “house plants for kitchen” and “indoor kitchen plants”. In 2024 we’re predicting that more of us will be decorating our kitchens with gorgeous greenery.

Having plants in your kitchen can help you to destress after a long day. Numerous studies have shown that being around nature can reduce our mood and stress levels, and boost creativity (and boosted creativity in the kitchen means more experimental and delicious dishes!). Browse our thriving variety of house plants and read more about biophilic interior design.

blue and white kitchenblue and white kitchenblue and white kitchenblue and white kitchen

6. Using mixed materials

Another trend that's set to take off in 2024 is the use of mixed materials in kitchen design. Combining different textures and finishes can create a stylish contrast in your kitchen. This modern kitchen pairs wooden flooring with a sleek white marble worktop, metal accessories, and blue wooden cabinets with glass doors. While this kitchen consists of a blend of materials, colours, and finishes – they all fit together seamlessly to create a cohesive and unique kitchen décor style.

handleless kitchenhandleless kitchenhandleless kitchenhandleless kitchen

7. Stress free layouts

This year we’re looking for ways to remove stress from our everyday lives. Make cooking and caring for your kitchen a breeze with handleless cabinets, easy-to-clean surfaces, ample storage, and efficient task lighting.

From noisy children to busy schedules, there are enough stressors in our lives, the least we can do is eliminate stress in the kitchen. With soft-close bins and pull-out larders, our innovative storage and waste solutions are designed to simplify your life. We’ve also seen a rise in smart appliances and countertop appliances, such as air fryers and slow cookers. These kitchen gadgets help us to strike a balance between healthy meal prep and our hectic lifestyles.

Hungry for more? If you need some help planning a kitchen renovation project, have a read of 4 steps to planning your kitchen. Short on space? Our small kitchen ideas can help you out.