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Floor Paint

Floor paint can be used on a wide variety of floor surfaces, such as the bases of sheds, garage floors, and utility rooms. It provides a durable and resilient surface for walking on or storing objects on. Plus, it’s waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about getting it wet. You can purchase both interior and exterior floor paint here at B&Q. So, if your doorstep is looking shabby or your stairs are in need of resurfacing, we’re sure to have a floor paint that meets your needs. You can use floor paint to create anti-slip floors that are easy to maintain and super-strong. You can purchase it in many different colours and finishes and you can also choose between a range of sizes to accommodate both large and small projects. It’s excellent for high-traffic areas such as stairs, bathroom floors, and kitchen floors and can usually be applied to multiple surface types such as concrete, wood, and tiles. Simply prepare the surface using sugar soap or soda-based cleaner and allow it to dry prior to applying. Find your perfect floor paint at B&Q now.

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