Building supplies

Building supplies are the foundations of nearly every DIY project. Make sure you start your project correctly and create a sturdy foundation upon which to construct anything you're planning. Our range of building materials has been put together to ensure everything you need can be found in one place, with all the information you need for a smooth project. Take advantage of our bulk home delivery service for those heavy building materials that won't fit in the car and we'll deliver your building supplies where you need them when you need them. For those construction supplies you need immediately, most of our range is available for click + collect in as little as one hour from hundreds of stores nationwide.

The term building encapsulates a multiple range of tasks and actions and here at B&Q we are ready to support you throughout all of those to make sure your project goes as planned. For those who are undertaking larger scale projects, we offer a wide selection of timber, as well as cement and plastering supplies to ensure the base of your project is strong and well prepared for the upcoming tasks. On the other hand, we provide a wide range of products ready to assist you with tasks further down the line which are usually the finishing touches to many of the builds. Whether you are installing the guttering or putting roofing sheets on top of your new build, our multicolour range will provide you with options to see which one will fit best with your style and blueprint.

Once the outside is done, B&Q are here to support you on the internal aspect of your project too. Whether it’ll be by supporting the build in retaining heat through the winter months with our selection of insulation products, or whether the build is a few stories high and would require stair handrails to be utilised to its full potential.