Decorating tools & supplies

Find everything you need to decorate your home with our range of decorating tools and supplies. Good decorating tools help you get the job done right the first time and are the cornerstone of any successful decorating project. These tools will help provide you with a pristine, quality finish in many applications. If you have some painting and decorating to carry out, B&Q can provide you with all the decorating supplies you will need.

Decorating tools are essential for fixing up and improving your home, whether you’re repainting, repairing or sealing. Our range of painting supplies makes repainting any part of your home a breeze, from paint trays and dust sheets to a wide variety of brushes and rollers to suit the size of the job. There are also paint thinners and removers to help maintain your brushes, ensuring they lead to a quality finish every time.

If wallpapering your walls is more your style, our range of wallpaper pastes will be perfect to ensuring a smooth and strong adhesion every time. Our assortment of sanding and abrasive surfaces is helpful for this too, helping you to remove any lumps or bumps on the wall.

If it’s a repair job you have on your hands, look no further than our array of caulks, putties and fillers – perfect for repairing almost any surface in your home that may be weathered or cracked. Our choice of sealants is perfect for any work around windows, kitchens and bathrooms, minimising the chance of liquids leaking onto your walls or floors.