Bathroom furniture

Bathroom furniture & cabinets are a great way to bring personality and flair to your space when creating your dream bathroom. With both wall-mounted and free-standing options available in a selection of sizes, colours, finishes and styles, we have a fantastic range of bathroom furniture & cabinets for you to choose from. Our products have been designed with you in mind to answer your everyday bathroom needs. With innovative features such as soft close doors, water resistant materials and high quality finishes, you can take advantage of guarantees up to 10 years when you shop B&Q for your bathroom furniture & cabinets.

Uncover our new range of bathroom furniture products.
Explore our new range of bathroom cabinets and mirrors.

It’s hard to believe a piece of furniture can change a room significantly, but here at B&Q, our bathroom vanity units will change your entire room! a perfect solution if you’re looking for additional storage space and an ideal surface for your basin or Bathroom worktop

A must-have is our range of bathroom cabinets allowing vital storage space for your odds and ends as well as a stylish addition to your bathroom. Featuring a variety of colours and designs, why not start with our stunning range of white bathroom cabinets, an amazing addition to any bathroom.

If you’re looking to clean your bathroom space and declutter, check out our bathroom storage range. We have a large range of storage options for you, ideal for organising your odds and ends, from shampoos to towels and bath mats.

Whether you’re getting ready for a night out or just getting on with your morning routine, we have a wide selection of bathroom mirrors available. Our range boasts a wide assortment of choices, between a multitude of shapes & sizes, frames, and colours. Our range now comes with a collection of LED bathroom mirrors with diffused LED points, the latest in LED technology. Backlit ambient LED lighting creates a stunning feature for any bathroom.