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How to use a pressure washer


A pressure washer can take the hard work out of a whole host of cleaning tasks by simply blasting out a jet of water to knock the dirt off any surface. Pressure washers use significantly less water than most garden hoses and can actually make cleaning pretty fun. There are all kinds of tasks that could be simplified by using a pressure washer but some of the most common things they can help with are below:

Whatever your reason for getting a pressure washer is, there are a range of factors that will always require consideration. Looking at how powerful a machine is – the higher the pressure rating the more force will be behind the water jet and the greater the pressure washer’s ability to shift stubborn dirt will be. The higher the water flow rating is the larger surface it will be able to tackle in a given amount of time.

Be sure to consider other practical matters such as:

  • The length of the hose and cables
  • The weight of the machine and whether or not it has wheels included
  • Where will the machine be stored when not in use?
  • How far are the water and electricity outlets from where you’ll be using the washer?

Taking all of these factors into consideration, we can help you to find a pressure washer, window vac or any other cleaning device that perfectly fits your needs and will add a great deal of convenience to your life.

This task can be made significantly easier by using a pressure washer; the powerful water jet can blast the dirt out of wheel arches and other hard to reach spots with ease. You should start by blasting any dirt off of the surface of your car using the standard water jet in a high pressure mode. An angled lance is great for this task, as it allows you to get into all those hard to reach places; under sills, inside wheel arches and other spots than can get clogged with dirt from everyday driving. Be sure to check the specification of any washer before you buy, as an excessively powerful one could end up blasting the paint off your car as well as the dirt! A machine with a good variety of pressure setting is best as you’ll want water at lower pressure for washing and shampooing, as well as the strong blast for removing dirt.

Two other key features for car washing are a brush attachment and detergent tank/bottle attachment. Once you’ve blasted off the worst of the dirt, fill up the pressure washer with a mixture of water and a compatible car shampoo and spray the car down, using the brush attachment to wash the car down, giving it that sparklingly clean look.

A pressure washer is really the only option for shifting the stubborn grime that can build up on paving, patios, driveways and other outdoor surfaces. Similar to washing a car, the best way to clean your patio is to start by blasting off major dirt with a high pressure trigger lance and then wash using a lower pressure setting and water mixed with detergent.

Many pressure washers come with a dedicated patio cleaner attachment which can make the machine easier to manoeuvre across a large surface, ensuring an even, thorough clean throughout. A lance with rotary jet capability – that spins the water jet as it comes out – can also be very useful in providing an extra bit of power to shift every last bit of dirt.

If you’re looking for a device that will save time and effort when cleaning your windows at home a window vac is really what you need, as a pressure washer will likely be too powerful for this job. A window vac is a handheld tool for cleaning windows and other smooth, glossy surfaces using a vacuum to suck up any excess water, ensuring that no streaks or marks are left behind. Most window vacs are battery powered for portability, but before buying one make sure that you are comfortable with the weight and that the blade is an appropriate size to fit between your window panes.