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Ideas for your new build garden

How to make the outdoor space in your new build your own

A common critique when it comes to new builds is the ‘cookie cutter’ approach, with houses and gardens often being very similar. However, you can quite easily put your own stamp on your new build property by transforming your garden, giving it character and letting your natural flair shine through - truly making your home, your own.  

Deciding where to start on your garden journey can be overwhelming, from cultivating the freshly laid grass and soul to finding inspiration and ideas for how you want to decorate your outdoor space. With this in mind, our experts have put together a comprehensive guide of top tips to get your new build garden transformation started.  

New build garden ideasNew build garden ideasNew build garden ideasNew build garden ideas

Where to start with a new build garden

What are the first steps in garden design for a new build house? Firstly,  you need to examine your space and ensure any ideas you may have are actually going to fit. Anything large such as water features or outdoor buildings should be considered first to see what room you have left to play with. Don’t worry - this doesn’t have to be complicated, you can simply draw a scaled version of your garden marking out the dimensions of your desired garden furniture and decor.  

Common problems with new build gardens

Getting the keys to a new build means you have a never-lived-in-before property, but this also means your garden will be brand-new, which has many perks, but also a few considerations before ploughing ahead with your garden designs. 

So before you become the next Alan Titchmarsh, here are some common problems with new build gardens and how to overcome them: 


Most gardens in new build estates back onto each other, limiting the privacy in your outdoor sanctuary as your garden can be easily overlooked by neighbours. However, there are multiple (and easy!) ways you can fix this issue. For those who have the patience and desire a long-term solution, you can plant trees. Make sure you do your research to find trees that are suitable to grow in a garden, consider the shade this will create and how their growth will impact any decor or outdoor furniture you want to have. 

A quicker solution to add privacy to your new build garden is installing trellis and screening. Trellis can be added to your existing fencing, filling any gaps and you can opt for artificial leaves to create a gorgeous green haven. There’s also a range of screening you can choose from, in various shapes, sizes and patterns so you can add privacy whilst simultaneously keeping your garden stylish. 

New build garden ideasNew build garden ideasNew build garden ideasNew build garden ideas


New build gardens are rarely equipped with a landscaped lawn and depending on your developer you may have no lawn turf at all. Homeowners often find their outdoor space in a new build have poor quality soil with rubble and debris, which is often due to the fact that new properties are built upon previous existing structures and therefore a lot of previous footfall. But, there are a handful of ways you can improve your new build soil and be on your way to creating the garden of your dreams. 

If you do have any small stones and debris in your garden, make sure you remove it all before starting your soil treatment. From compost to soil improvers and conditioners you can improve your soil to enable your grass to grow nicely. Depending on what grass your new build garden has already, once you have treated your soil you can either lay down grass seed or lay down lawn turf. 

New build garden ideasNew build garden ideasNew build garden ideasNew build garden ideas


Depending on how flat the ground is upon which your new home has been built, certain sloping can cause drainage problems in your garden. Poor drainage can easily be spotted by finding either puddles in your grass, patches of grass that are dead or dying (due to water logging)  cracks and leaking in the foundations of your home. However, rest assured there are multiple drainage solutions available depending on the severity of your issue and personal preference. 

Here are some of the things you can do to improve drainage in your new build garden: 

  • Plant plants that soak up lots of water 

  • Treat your soil with conditioners 

  • Lay down bark chippings 

  • Add compost to your soil 

  • Contact a professional to install a drainage system 


New build garden ideas

Once you’ve cultivated your grass and remedied any drainage problems, you can now get to the fun part - decorating your new build garden! There’s no right or wrong way to design your garden but here are some ideas: 

Landscaping - whether you opt for decking or a patio, walling or railings, the possibilities with garden landscaping are endless. When designing your new build, garden landscaping should be one of your first considerations as these often set the foundations for your outdoor space. 

Flower beds and plants - not only are colourful flowers pleasing to the eye, but you can also cultivate wildlife and create an outdoor space that is great for the environment.  

Seating areas - from rattan dining sets and sofas to benches and reclining loungers, there’s a variety of outdoor seating options for any sized garden. Enjoy creating the space you’re going to sit and enjoy your gardening efforts with friends and family! 

Garden decor - you can completely transform your new build garden with outdoor decor even on a budget, lighting, ornaments, firepits and outdoor rugs are great ways to create a space to suit your needs. 

New build garden ideasNew build garden ideasNew build garden ideasNew build garden ideas

Small new build garden ideas

There are a few tips and tricks that can quite easily make your garden appear bigger and the best part? It won’t break the bank either! 

Outdoor mirrors - the recent trend can provide more than just a stylish look, by reflecting the space you can create the illusion of your garden being bigger than it really is. 

Outdoor lighting -  by illuminating your outdoor space you can highlight hidden or darker areas, making your garden look bigger. 

Light colours - from painting fences to light-coloured flowers, you can create a reflective landscape that in turn produces a spacious feel and therefore a bigger seeming garden.  

Follow the tips and tricks above and you’ll be well on your way to your new build garden transformation.