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Stripping & filling tools buying guide


Need to strip off old layers of paint or wallpaper or fill those annoying cracks in your walls and window frames? Make sure you have the right tools to do a professional job, but take care to choose the right stripping method so you don't damage your surface.

Wire brush

A strong, stiff wire brush is the best way to loosen flaking paint and surface rust from metalwork - especially when you're renovating your home.


A must-have for any tool kit, a scraper helps you remove old paint or wallpaper without scratching the surface. Its stiff blade also means you can use it to apply filler - although you'll get a neater result with a filling knife.

Combination shave hook

You can use a shave hook with chemical paint strippers or a hot-air gun. The blade is specially designed for scraping softened paint or old wallpaper from flat, concave and convex surfaces.

Glass scraper

Have you accidentally splattered your mirrors and glass with paint? Trust a scraper to get rid of the spots with minimal effort.


Putty knife

A putty knife is specially shaped to make smoothing and finish putty in window frames an easy task.

Filling knife

A filling knife may look a bit like a scraper, but the main difference is its flexible blade. That makes it ideal for forcing filler into cracks and crevices in walls.

Hot-air gun

Similar to a hair dryer, this hot-air gun is safer to use than an old-fashioned blowtorch. It makes it easy to control the heat when you soften the paint or wallpaper before stripping a wall.

Cartridge gun

You can fit various kinds of tubes of sealant or grab adhesive into this easy-to-use, spring-loaded applicator.