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How to make a chalkboard


If you’re anything like us, you’re likely to be quite forgetful. You mean well, but it’s hard to keep on top of everything you need or want. So we created a chalkboard that can sit by our front door so if you’re on your way out, you see a little reminder of something you need, such as milk or bread. Sometimes, you can just add a nice message so the first thing you see when you walk through the door is a positive affirmation. Whatever you use it for, a chalkboard frame can really help you out.

how to make a chalkboardhow to make a chalkboardhow to make a chalkboardhow to make a chalkboard
Safety first

Don’t forget, when using spray paints, do so in a well-ventilated area with decorating masks and goggles.

Tools for the job

This is one of the easiest projects to do as you could pick up a ready-made frame from your local B&Q store.

how to make a chalkboard

Step 1

Start by picking a well-ventilated area and laying down a dust sheet to protect the floor. We’d recommend wearing a decorating mask and goggles when doing any form of decorating or DIY, but particularly with spray paints.

Step 2

Take your chosen frame apart and pop to one side, keeping hold of the backing. Dispose of the paper and if you’re going to dispose of the glass, ensure to do so properly so no one gets injured.

chalkboard how to make

Step 3

Next, use your chosen chalkboard paint, (we used a spray version to make it even easier), and cover the cardboard backing that you’ve kept hold of above. Paint a couple of layers to ensure a smooth and even finish; this also makes the chalk more prominent when it comes to writing.

making a chalkboard

Step 4

If you have decided to paint the frame, start by lightly sanding and wiping down. Then apply your primer in long, even strokes; wait to dry the paint, as above, with your chosen colour. It really is that easy to have a fun and friendly message board in your home.

Now no more excuses for forgetting things!

how to make my own chalkboard
Top tip

Wait for the final coat of paint to completely dry before reattaching the frame -up to 24 hours isn’t uncommon with any paint. If you try to rush the job, the paint can easily be torn off, the frame stuck to your freshly painted board or your chalk ruined.