Luxury bathroom ideas

Create a lavish spa-style space with deluxe features and natural finishes

For those that want to create the ultimate space for relaxation, look no further than the spa bathroom. Make the most of all the latest bathroom innovations, as well as luxurious décor, to create a space worthy of a boutique hotel.

This look is all about neutral colours and natural finishes, like marble, wood and stone, to create a bathroom that feels expensive and bespoke. Let us take you through all you need to know to create this luxury bathroom look in your home.

luxury bathroom ideasluxury bathroom ideasluxury bathroom ideasluxury bathroom ideas


A contemporary sink with a stylish tap is a key feature in a luxury bathroom. Popular in spas, countertop basins add a touch of opulence. As the name suggests, they can sit either on top of a worktop or a vanity basin unit - perfect for practical storage that hides away your toiletries. Check out our Imandra range which allows you to choose a vanity unit in a colour and size that suits your bathroom style and a worktop for the countertop basin.

Finish with a tall basin mixer tap in a chrome finish. Our favourites are stunning waterfall taps for a touch of extravagance. And if you’ve got the room and often share your bathroom with others, opt for a double basin or two basins side-by-side. Enjoy two countertop basins on a wide vanity unit or counter, or explore our twin basins that are compatible with our Imandra vanity units.


Wall-hung or back-to-wall toilet designs look great in a luxury bathroom as their pipes and cisterns are hidden to fit seamlessly into your decorating choices. Back-to-wall toilets touch the ground, unlike wall-hung toilets which don’t touch the floor, meaning they can be raised higher and making it easy to clean underneath them.

For the top in toilet technology, check out our Cavally & Teesta toilets. They're rimless so 95% of the bowl is rinsed clean when the toilet is flushed, saving you a lot of scrubbing. The flush is also much quieter than other models and more water-efficient. We also offer back-to-wall toilets complete with a cabinet, saving you time and effort when it comes to installing. Choose between cabinets in a classy grey or neutral white so you can match it with the rest of your room.

When it comes to the toilet seat, you won’t regret splashing out on a soft-close seat that doesn’t loosen and move around over time.


For the ultimate wellness boost, you can’t get more luxurious than a whirlpool bath. Create one by adding one of our whirlpool bath systems to a compatible bath (check the systems for suitable choices).

The whirlpool bath systems are made up of several jets that are built into the bath and can be positioned to soothe and massage your muscles. Our chromatherapy systems have jets designed for specific functions, like for back massages and reflexology for your feet. Many of our systems also include built-in colour-changing LED lights to create a calming ambience so you can fully unwind.


When it comes to the spa bathroom, make the most of the latest innovations and gadgets to ensure that you get truly pampered. Replicate that spa sensation with an extra-wide shower head. We offer thermostatic fixed shower heads that measure up to 300mm in width. Or add a second shower head, known as a diverter, for those times when you need a shower head on a flexible hose that you can direct. And for a luxurious shower experience, look out for shower heads with different spray patterns. Choices include massaging, saturating and misty spray.

Alternatively, opt for a digital shower. These allow you to precisely control the temperature and flow rate remotely, so you can get your perfect shower started before you even set foot in the bathroom. They come with multiple programmable functions and work with either high or low-pressure water systems.


With shower enclosures, we offer a range of styles and shapes that suit the luxury look. We recommend our Beloya shower enclosure range. It's fully modular so you mix and match fixed panels and door panels to choose your shower shape and how you want it to open, as well as the look and finish. A large rectangular shower enclosure gives the feeling of a posh spa, creating a stunning feature in the room and giving you plenty of room when showering. And for the doors, look for a large two-panel sliding door if you can fit it, creating a spacious, striking shower. For the shower tray, avoid an unsightly plug hole and opt for a hidden waste, popular in top spas. Our Liquid Shower Tray range features a hidden waste and you can lay your own choice of tiles over the top for a fully bespoke shower enclosure.

If you have the space, consider a wet room. They give the feel of a high-end spa – allowing you to have a walk-in showering experience that can work in any size bathroom. They’re also great if you need to think about accessibility for yourself or any members of your family, as they can be installed at floor level.


This bathroom look is all about keeping the walls free from clutter – so keep shelving and hooks to a minimum and focus on low-level or wall-hung storage units. Our favourites are wood-effect cabinets like our Imandra cabinet in a wood finish or the sleek Ardesio range, both of which are a dark colour that would look great contrasted with lighter-colour tiles.

Or opt for fashionable cabinets with our Imandra range, available in a variety of colours. The range is modular so you can mix and match the furniture and accessories you need to meet your storage needs. And its smooth finish means it’s easy to clean.


Choose a look to suit the size of your space - lighter, neutral colours and finishes, such as paler woods in small or dingy bathrooms, and darker options, such as slate and dark stone can work in larger ones. Consider combining the two, for instance light wall tiles with small sections of dark mosaic tiles to create an eye-catching feature.

Introduce natural tones and textures with tiles - larger format ones are very on-trend in luxury bathrooms. Match floor and wall tiles to create a bold look. 


If you’re concerned about overwhelming your space, limit tiles to your showering or bathing areas only to create a waterproof zone, and use paint or wallpaper everywhere else. Remember to choose a specialist bathroom paint that can withstand moisture and continue with neutral colours like greys, browns and creams.

Wallpaper is a great way to imitate natural materials without the cost, such as marble, wood or slate, or patterns such as bricks and tiles. Like with paint, check that your wallpaper is suitable for bathrooms.

If you’re looking for a seamless finish in your showering area, or even around your whole bathroom, take a look at our bathroom wall panels. Easier to install than tiles, they fit from floor to ceiling and are completely waterproof. And, as they don’t use grout, you won’t need to worry about mould ruining the finish. Go for a marble and stone-effect pattern such as this Splashwall Tuscan White Panelling Kit.


Create a dramatic look by continuing wall tiles to the floor for co-ordinated style.

Or for durable flooring that looks fantastic and comes in a variety of natural effects and neutral colours, check out our luxury vinyl click flooring. Our Jazy vinyl flooring is waterproof so will maintain the untouched, high-quality look of a spa bathroom. Its embossed surface creates the look and feel of real stone for ultimate extravagance.


A great way to emulate the warming feel of a spa is to add underfloor heating. As well as being an efficient way to warm a room without taking up wall space, it also means the end of stepping on cold tiles on winter mornings. There are no cold spots with underfloor heating, making it an ideal choice for larger bathrooms that may take longer to heat up, and stay warm, with the more traditional radiator. Not all flooring works with underfloor heating, so be sure to check your chosen option before you buy.

If you can't go subtle, go big with a statement tall towel radiator. Go for a metallic or black finish to complement the neutral colours. One of our favourites is this bold designer Galvanic Brushed Nickel Round Towel Radiator in an unusual and attractive curved pattern that is sure to earn compliments from your guests.


Recreate the calming, Zen setting of a spa with warm, ambient lighting. Wall lights are the best choice of lighting for this and we offer a range of contemporary, attractive styles to fit with the luxury design. Additionally, you may need some task lighting to help see what you’re doing, for example when applying make-up. Recessed downlights and spotlights are perfect for this and don’t spoil the look as they're subtle and discreet.

If you want to add a bit of drama into your space, consider adding a statement ceiling light.To adapt your lighting depending on task, add dimmer controls. For this you’ll need a dimmable bulb and a dimmer switch. This means you can create calm, soft light when you’re relaxing and turn it up when you need more.

Lastly, add some soothing candles. In soft, neutral colours, they offer relaxing scents such as sandalwood, tea and ginger and linen and white cotton. Place them around the bath or your basin and, if your decorating is more of a project than a quick refresh, consider creating recesses in the walls to place them in. As always, be careful to not leave them burning when you leave the room, and make sure that you choose the right size candles for the area you’re placing them in – this should help you to avoid smoke marks.


Replicate your favourite spa with wall-mounted soap dispensers by your basin and in your shower. Hide away unsightly branded bottles that will spoil the luxury look by transferring your soaps, moisturisers, creams and hair products into the pump dispensers. They make dispensing your toiletries effortless and will make your guests feel thoroughly spoilt.

And if you’ve not gone for a heated towel radiator then this freestanding Chrome-Effect Towel Rail is perfect for hanging towels and its geometric design will go well with the rest of your bathroom.

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