Design tips for a small bathroom

Make the most of your small bathroom space

The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house, which can make them tricky to renovate. But there are plenty of ways to update even the most compact of spaces – without any major work.

design tips for small bathroomsdesign tips for small bathroomsdesign tips for small bathroomsdesign tips for small bathrooms

The more floor space you have, the more open your bathroom will feel.

By choosing a wall-hanging sink, radiator and units, the room will immediately feel more spacious. Add floor-standing storage to reduce daily clutter and add some over-door hooks to keep bulky towels and bathrobes from being left on the floor.

small bathroom design tipssmall bathroom design tipssmall bathroom design tipssmall bathroom design tips

Bringing in extra light from the outside world can make a bathroom instantly seem larger. Where windows aren’t always possible why not add reflective surfaces as alternatives?

Mirrors, ceramic tiles, and shower screens can all help to rebound light and give the illusion that the space is much bigger than it is.


There’s nothing nicer than knowing everything has its place, which is why bathroom storage is key to keeping your space clutter-free.

If you don’t have the space for units and cabinets to store your bathroom essentials then make them a feature instead. Hang your toiletries from the walls with hooks, racks, shelves, and holders – not only will it give you more floor space but it will lift the eye upwards, making the ceiling seem higher.



"Being bold in your decorative choices is essential for a small space." - Carolyn Westbrook, Lifestyle Designer


A small bathroom doesn’t need to limit your creativity. With so many inventive possibilities, these limitations will inspire some truly unique ideas to your home.

Whether you decide to create more floor space, decorate with reflective materials or hang and showcase your belongings on the walls, there’s plenty you can do with a smaller, yet perfectly formed bathroom.