Bathroom refresh ideas

Top tips to revamp your bathroom

The bathroom is the one room in the house that treads a fine line between practical and luxurious. It has to store all the toiletries of an entire household, deal with a flurry of activity during peak times of use, and still be the place where you can forget all your troubles in a relaxing bath or shower. It’s a difficult balance, and occasionally bathrooms can begin to look a bit tired and require a bit of TLC.

Luckily, you don’t need a massive overhaul in order to refresh your bathroom. A few quick and easy updates can make all the difference – without breaking the bank. We’ve collected our top tips that are sure to breathe some life into any bathroom. They can be completed within a couple of hours and you don’t have to have a load of tools, or DIY know-how. What are you waiting for?


bathroom update ideas

For some quick refresh tips take a look at our great video guide below:

how to refresh my bathroomhow to refresh my bathroomhow to refresh my bathroomhow to refresh my bathroom

Give it a good scrub

A deep clean will ensure your bathroom is looking, and working, at its best.

Sometimes small things like descaling your shower head, getting rid of all the black gunk between the tiles and polishing everything until it shines can stop a bathroom feeling tired and makes it look like new.


Up the amount of storage

As one of the busiest rooms in the house, the bathroom easily gets filled with clutter.

Make sure everything has its place by adding shelves, a few caddies or baskets, or one of our freestanding cabinets. They're stylish, versatile, easy to build and quick to place.

bathroom design ideasbathroom design ideasbathroom design ideasbathroom design ideas

Dazzle with a new mirror

An essential part of any bathroom, mirrors can help make the smallest room in your house look bigger than it is.

Choose from wall mirrorsmirrored cabinets - offering you hidden storage - and shaving mirrors that can help you get a close up when you need it.

ideas for my bathroomideas for my bathroomideas for my bathroomideas for my bathroom

Brighten up the bathroom

It’s essential your bathroom is well lit as it’s where the household comes to shave or put on make up.

To make sure it’s a bright as you need it to be, check our range of spotlights, downlights, ceiling lights or wall lights to see what’s right for you.

bathroom ideasbathroom ideasbathroom ideasbathroom ideas

Be tempted by new taps

One sure-fire way to update your bathroom is to have sparkling new taps.

If yours are looking a bit dull, it’s time to replace. It’s not a difficult job – check out our article on how to fit and repair taps for some help. Choose whether between separates or mixer taps for your basin and bath.

refresh bathroom ideasrefresh bathroom ideasrefresh bathroom ideasrefresh bathroom ideas

Replace the blinds

Window coverings are about more than just privacy in the bathroom, they can help finish off your look by adding colour and texture.

Check out our range and choose from curtainsblinds or shutters.


Settle on a new toilet seat

You don’t have to stick to the standard white toilet seat. Explore our range and pick from a number of colours and styles.

Plus, if you choose a soft close option, you’ll never have to hear the lid slam again.

how to update my bathroomhow to update my bathroomhow to update my bathroomhow to update my bathroom

Refresh your fittings

Why not update some of the functional elements of your bathroom?

New towel rails, towel ring or toilet roll holder in a chrome, ceramic or wood finish can make all the difference.

bathroom styling ideasbathroom styling ideasbathroom styling ideasbathroom styling ideas

Get accessorising

Whether it’s your bath matsoap dispensers or toothbrush holders, refreshing the little things can add that finishing touch to your bathroom. Choose the right bathroom accessories to complete your bathroom's look.

bathroom spa ideasbathroom spa ideasbathroom spa ideasbathroom spa ideas

Add some spa luxury

There's not much better than a hot bath lit by candlelight.

Add a touch of luxury to your bathroom with a few candles spread around – we have a range of colours and scents that can help complement your bathroom’s theme.

bathroom plants ideasbathroom plants ideasbathroom plants ideasbathroom plants ideas

Go green

Bring the outdoors in with some greenery in your bathroom.

Choose the right houseplant and it will thrive in the moist environment and you won’t have to do much to take care of it. A Peace Lily is a good choice - put it on your windowsill to brighten up your room.

Our installation service

Don't want to do it yourself? We can help. We work with approved installers to help coordinate your bathroom project from start to finish. Our range of flexible finance options means you can find a plan to suit you. We also provide a 2-year workmanship guarantee for peace of mind. Find out more about our installation service and book a free planning appointment to get started.