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Dulux Weathershield paint picker

Plan for paintwork perfection with our Dulux Weathershield cheat-sheet

Picking the right paint for the outside of your home can be daunting, when there’s so much to choose from it’s hard to know where to start! Our simple guide to the Dulux Weathershield range will help you decide on the best products to suit your project.

dulux weathershield paint pickerdulux weathershield paint pickerdulux weathershield paint pickerdulux weathershield paint picker

Top preparation tips

Before embarking on your exterior paintwork project, there are a few things to think about so you can be sure to get it right first time.

To work out how much paint you’ll need, calculate the width and height of the entire house. Don’t forget you need to subtract measurements of windows and doors for an accurate final total.

A rough surface can double the amount of paint you need, but using textured masonry paint, tailored to your surface, will help reduce the number of coats required.

Remember to clean the entire surface of your home to avoid ruining your new paintwork with dust or mould. Try a pressure washer to get the job done quicker. For a smooth and seamless finish, fill any cracks and holes with Polycell Polyfilla before you start painting.

Top preparation tipsTop preparation tipsTop preparation tipsTop preparation tips

Exterior essentials

Painting the outside of your house can take time, so give yourself the best start with the right tools and prep for a smooth-sailing project.

Extendable ladder: It’s important you can reach all areas of your outer walls safely, so make sure the steps you use are in good condition and tall enough for the job.

Dust sheets: Protect any garden paving and grass by covering them with a good-quality dust sheet below the area you are painting.

Rollers and extension pole: Painting large surface areas and hard-to-reach places is made easier by attaching a roller to the end of one of these.

Masking tape: This is a must for a clean line between your exterior wood and metal surfaces and masonry, plus it’s great for masking off details like metal door knobs that you want to avoid getting paint on.

Paint brushes: Natural paint brushes are best for oil-based paints while synthetic brushes are best for water-based paints.

Exterior essentialsExterior essentialsExterior essentialsExterior essentials

Masonry paint projects

Using the right paint for the right surface makes a difference in the quality of the finish. Pick from our Dulux Weathershield masonry paint range for the best results in exterior protection.