5 inspired ideas for your breakfast bars and islands

An office space now, a drinks bar tomorrow – make it yours

On the surface (pun intended), an island is a stylish addition to the kitchen, giving you extra storage and worktop space. That may be so, but a kitchen island is a lot more than just that. It’s a homework station for the kids, a spot for lunchtime Zoom meetings, and where the family assembles for the traditional Friday night takeaway.

We know what you’re thinking, “but my kitchen isn’t big enough for an island”. Now that’s where you’re mistaken – kitchen islands can be built to fit a small kitchen too. No matter it’s size, an island will make a huge difference to daily life. If you’re a renter, there are options for you as well - use a kitchen trolley or repurpose a slim dining table.

Read on for five brilliant ideas on how to make the most out of your kitchen island…

kitchen island ideaskitchen island ideaskitchen island ideaskitchen island ideas

B&Q Loves - Kitchen island ideas for the hectic household

Feel that your home is starting to resemble a circus? With the help of an island you’ll no longer need to balance plates and juggle mugs. As well as adding lots of sought-after storage space, it’s a great place for the family to convene. Little ones can sit and do their homework whilst you’re cooking dinner – this also means they’ll stop calling for help from the other room!

Use stackable bar stools, such as our Maloux range, so the family can gather around to eat and then tuck them out of the way after. Keep your organisation in check with a chalkboard for weekly reminders or shopping lists. Use our chalkboard paint to make one yourself, or simply paint the side of a cabinet. With just a few quick changes, your home will go from circus-mayhem to manageable mayhem.

breakfast bar ideasbreakfast bar ideasbreakfast bar ideasbreakfast bar ideas

Kitchen island ideas for the entertainer

Always looking for an excuse to host a party? Whether it’s your dog’s 2nd birthday, or your friend has just landed a promotion – no occasion is too small. Turn your get-togethers up a notch by transforming your kitchen island into a makeshift bar. Add some stylish bar stools, display your fanciest bottles of plonk, and get out your finest glassware (or plastic cups – depending on the crowd). If possible, add castor wheels to your island, then you can move it around to make more space for mingling, or maybe even showing off some (dodgy) dance moves!

If dinner parties are more your thing, but you don’t have enough space for a big crowd. Install a pull-out island to create extra seating space as and when you need it. This also means that you get to chat with your guests whilst cooking dinner, so you’ll never miss out on the latest gossip again.

kitchen islands inspirationkitchen islands inspirationkitchen islands inspirationkitchen islands inspiration

B&Q Recommends – Kitchen island ideas for the keen chef

If you’re constantly cooking up a storm, it’s crucial that your kitchen is laid out efficiently, and easy to keep clean as you go. Why not install amenities to your island, such as a small sink or hob? This will help make food prep faster and more enjoyable.

Installing a kitchen island may seem like you’re taking away precious space, but in fact, you’re adding a whole lot more. With the help of more surface area, you can prepare delicious feasts and experiment with new recipes without anything holding you back. You can then store away all your nifty kitchen gadgets and utensils on shelving or in drawers underneath. Busy kitchens will need a worktop that can withstand daily wear and tear. We recommend our solid acrylic worktops, they are non-porous, hygienic and stain resistant.

kitchen islands ideas for people who love to cookkitchen islands ideas for people who love to cookkitchen islands ideas for people who love to cookkitchen islands ideas for people who love to cook

Kitchen island ideas for the interior’s enthusiast

Your home is a constant project, no room is ever complete. If you’re looking for a way to change up the look of your kitchen – we’ve got a few creative ideas to get you started. Give your kitchen a refresh by painting your kitchen island – make it stand out by using contrasting colours. Our renovation paint is ideal for use on wooden surfaces, cabinets, and shelves.

Kitchens can often end up looking quite clinical – we like to keep them clean and functional, but we mustn’t forget to add a dash of personality here and there. Bring your room to life with indoor plants, such as aloe vera or a snake plant – both will thrive in a kitchen environment. You could also hang wall art or display your favourite photos in picture frames. Don’t forget lighting - a look that we’re loving right now is statement pendant lights hung directly above the island counter.

stylish kitchen islandsstylish kitchen islandsstylish kitchen islandsstylish kitchen islands

The new normal – Kitchen island ideas for the worktop worker

Times are changing and working from home is gradually becoming the norm. This new way of working brings with it a lot of perks – easy access to the fridge, no early commutes, and more time to spend at home with loved ones. Unfortunately, there are some negatives to working from home too – such as struggling to separate your work and home life, as well as finding a quiet area in the home to focus.

If you’re living in a relatively small flat, and your partner or flatmate is also working from home, you may find working in the same room rather frustrating. Get yourself a comfortable bar stool and set up a little office space on your kitchen island. You’ll have a fresh environment to work in – plus you’ll be surrounded by lots of delicious aromas!

working from home ideasworking from home ideasworking from home ideasworking from home ideas