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Where to spend and where to save on your kitchen project

Expert advice on dividing your kitchen budget

Are you about to embark on a kitchen transformation? Deciding how to split up your money can be tricky, especially when there are so many items to consider. We’ve spoken with our very own in store kitchen showroom colleagues to get the insider knowledge on where to go all out, and where to be a little more sparing.

First off, we suggest thinking about how you use your kitchen. An avid baker will need a durable worktop and lots of storage options. A serial party thrower might want to spend extra on a kitchen island for entertaining guests, or glass cabinets for showing off their best china.

We'll show you which areas of your kitchen are worth investing in, and which areas you can afford to be more frugal.

where to spend and where to save on kitchenswhere to spend and where to save on kitchenswhere to spend and where to save on kitchenswhere to spend and where to save on kitchens

Spend on worktops

Worktops bear the brunt of most kitchen activities. We use them constantly: shopping is unloaded, drinks are spilled, and vegetables are chopped. As the backdrop of all kitchen activity, it’s worth investing in durable, hardwearing surfaces.

Jordan from our Lincoln store says, “Worktops are the workhorse of the kitchen. They are used for everything from storage and food preparation, to putting the shopping down, and even little hands (or paws) jumping up. A kitchen worktop is a key aesthetic part of the room, investing a little more will not only give you a more durable surface, but it will allow you to make a real statement with one of the two biggest surfaces in your kitchen – cabinets doors aside!”

where to spend on kitchenswhere to spend on kitchenswhere to spend on kitchenswhere to spend on kitchens

Spend on taps

Kitchen taps catch your eye more often than you expect, so we don’t blame you if you’re drawn to better-than-average designs. From built-in filters to extendable hoses and stylish handles, a good-looking tap can tie your whole space together.

Not only are our taps attractive, they can save you a surprising amount of time. Our anti-limescale spouts will protect your hands from hours of scrubbing, and if you want to go all out, our boiling water taps have got your morning caffeine fix sorted. Gone are the days of waiting for your kettle to boil!

b&q kitchen tapb&q kitchen tapb&q kitchen tapb&q kitchen tap

Spend on storage

Tired of playing Tetris with your saucepan lids and cooking utensils? Storage can often be an afterthought but investing in clever storage solutions will (forgive us for sounding over dramatic) change your life. With our internal cabinet storage, cluttered worktops and tumbling tins will be a thing of the past.

Read our kitchen storage ideas for advice on utilising your drawers, maximising corner space and keeping your worktop tidy.

b&q internal kitchen storageb&q internal kitchen storageb&q internal kitchen storageb&q internal kitchen storage

Save on appliances

Only invest in appliances that you know you’ll use day in, day out. Whether making your morning porridge, heating up last night’s takeaway or whipping up a Sunday roast for the whole family – you’ll need a reliable oven and hob to get the job done. Neil from our Leigh store says, “Cookers are definitely the one to splash out on as they’re used the most and should be long lasting.”

Fancy gadgets may impress tech-loving guests, but only fork out on items that are worth it. Dishwashers are a nice to have, but they’re not necessary. Jordan says, “Think about the busiest day you need it for and plan for that. If you're on a budget the best appliances to spend on is the oven and hob. If you want to get the matching look – focus on the appliances you can see, there's no need to have a swanky dishwasher or fridge freezer if they’re integrated, no one knows when they're behind your stunning new door (but shh don't tell anyone).”

b&q kitchen appliancesb&q kitchen appliancesb&q kitchen appliancesb&q kitchen appliances

Save on lighting

Kitchen lighting is key, but there’s no need to stretch your budget for bulbs that are barely seen. Unless you really want to make a statement with rows of show-stopping pendant lights, we suggest keeping hold of your cash in favour of a sturdy worktop and valuable storage. Our under-cabinet lights do a grand job of illuminating worktops and are kind to your wallet.

b&q kitchen lightingb&q kitchen lightingb&q kitchen lightingb&q kitchen lighting

Save on sinks

When you walk into a kitchen, chances are the first thing that you notice isn’t going to be the sink. Don’t splash the cash (pun intended) unless it’s going to be a stand-out feature, such as a farmhouse style Belfast sink, or a sleek composite quartz option. If you’re not fussy, a stainless-steel design will slot into most kitchen styles and can withstand the daily grind.

b&q stainless steel kitchen sinkb&q stainless steel kitchen sinkb&q stainless steel kitchen sinkb&q stainless steel kitchen sink