How to set the dining table for Christmas

Bring the Christmas dinner table to life with our top tips

The holiday season is all about spending quality time with your loved ones, and the Christmas table is the place where you all come together. Make your memorable moments even more special by taking the time to create the perfect setting for your festive feasts. Here are our top Christmas table decoration ideas to help you create the right look for you.

set the dining table for Christmasset the dining table for Christmasset the dining table for Christmasset the dining table for Christmas

How to create a stunning Christmas dining table

Get the basics right

Before you get started on finding the perfect Christmas table decorations, check that your table and crockery are looking their best. Having guests over for a meal during the festive period is a great excuse to refresh all the basics.

If you have a wooden table that needs a bit of TLC, we have a range of products that will help you give it a new lease of life. Whether it needs a bit of a clean, or to be sanded down and repainted, stained or oiled, we have something for you.

Don’t have that much time to give to your table? Disguise any marks with our self-adhesive film, also known as sticky back plastic, to cover the worktop. With several wood-effect options as well as other plain colours or patterns, you can find one that matches your table for a quick and easy way to spruce up your surface. Simply peel off the backing and stick it down.

how to set the dining table for xmas

Captivating centrepiece

Create your own centrepiece by putting an assortment of baubles, battery-operated wire lights along with twigs or fir cones into a clear decorative jar or vase. You could add miniature baubles for a burst of colour, or anything else that will give your dining table some personality. This will make a beautiful and individual decoration for your table over the festive period.

Light up centrepieces are a lovely feature, especially for adding a glow in the evening. Choose warm white lights for a cosy, traditional look that goes with deeper reds and greens, or ice white or multi-coloured lights for a vivid and playful look that goes with brighter, modern colours. Or if you’d prefer a pre-made version, we offer a warming copper wire light silhouette that features on-trend copper wire lights within a glass terrarium.

set the dining table for christmas

Another illuminating decoration is a candle arch, a classic Christmas feature. Go for a contemporary approach with our modern star candle arch. Featuring flameless LED candles for a completely safe alternative to candles that still give you the same glowing effect.

christmas centrepiece ideas

Create a Christmas kids area

If you can’t fit everyone around the table, a separate kids table is a great opportunity to introduce fun extras or another style for the children without disrupting your chosen look for the main table. One of our garden tables would be an excellent additional table to fit alongside your dining table.

Choose decorations with bold colours and Christmas characters. They’ll love this snowman and penguin christmas scene light for something to look at. Why not get crafty with the kids and have them make their own festive bunting? Use it to adorn the edges of the dining table, or hang it on the wall.

kids christmas dining table ideas

Add some festive foliage

An eye-catching way to decorate a table is to add some seasonal foliage – either real or artificial. It wouldn’t be Christmas without a tree, so why not add one to your table? Our table top trees are the ideal size and come in a variety of forms, including gold or silver-effect tinsel trees and pre-decorated traditional style trees. One of our favourites is this LED mini tree with pine cones. Enjoy it as it is, or add extra decorations or battery-operated lights for a show-stopping look.

christmas foliage

Remember, you're not limited to a tree - we have a variety of real plants that will make your table stand out. This charming reindeer planter will breathe life onto a dull dining table. Or why not scatter this festive trio of pots across your table, including Ellwoodii, Cyclamen and Hedera. Not forgetting the classic poinsettia, available in our stores. Read our article on how to take care of it to ensure that it looks great throughout the holiday season.

how to care for xmas poinsettia

Hang decorations

For a striking display, hang baubles over your table, on the wall or on the back of dining chairs. Why not try combining standard spherical baubles with other interesting individual ones like stags, snowflakes and pine cones.

Alternatively, put your decorations in bowls or vases and place in the centre or in various places around the table. Individual decorations can also work well as napkin rings or as decorative place settings.

christmas decorations ideas dining room

Create personalised decorations

If you want to create something that can be personalised for each guest, paint some old placemats or charger plates with our chalkboard paint. It can be used on wood, metal, plastic and ceramic surfaces – you can even use it on paper or card. Or use our chalkboard effect self-adhesive film – it’s a dark green colour so would go well with classic Christmas colours, and it can be removed once the holidays are over. Then, you can write an individual message or personalised note to your guests.

Another fun chalkboard option is these chalkboard baubles. Put your guests’ names on them and use as place settings or note down Christmas messages on them and scatter or hang around the table.

christmas placemat ideas

Spray on some colour

Pick up some pine cones and jazz them up by spraying them with metallic paint. We offer a selection of glitzy metallic colours including rose gold, copper and glitter effects. The pine cones can then be scattered across the table to create an informal look, added to your Christmas centrepiece or used as place settings.

You could also spray paint an ordinary clothes peg for a quirky way of showing your guests where they will be seated. Stand them on their ends and place a piece of card with their name on it held between the pincer. We have lots of colour sprays for you to choose from so you can find one that matches your colour scheme.

christmas dining table ideas