8 simple Christmas craft ideas

Get creative this festive season with 8 fun DIY projects

Create dazzling Christmas decorations and ornaments this festive season using just a few odd products lying around the home and some Rust-Oleum paint.

Who knew that paint could have such a big impact on creating one-of-a-kind DIY Christmas decorations? Surprise friends, family, and even yourself with the endless possibilities that are out there. From delicate snowflake window decals, to mesmerising marble baubles – pretty much anything is possible. We have put together a list of our eight favourite crafty projects.

Not just for Christmas, with the Make It Yours website, you can find inspiration all year round. Have a look at their projects for some colourful ideas – we especially love the Colourful Hexagon Cork Boards. Their site is brimming with simple and creative tips for upcycling furniture, jazzing up tired accessories and giving seldom used items a new lease of life.

So, let’s get started…

Christmas craft ideasChristmas craft ideasChristmas craft ideasChristmas craft ideas

Lightbulb baubles

Think twice before throwing your blown bulbs in the bin. With just a few bits of coloured string and our Rust-Oleum American Accents leafing pens, available in silver or gold, you can fashion your own funky baubles.

Draw polka dots, lines, snowflakes, or any pattern that you wish onto the glass and allow to dry for around 15 minutes. Then attach string with double-sided tape and create a loop, so that they can be hung from your tree. Or, place them in a pretty box and give to a friend as a unique and thoughtful gift this Christmas.

Image credit: Cheryl Lumley

christmas crafts light bulbs

Christmas Eve box

Perfect for storing a selection of little gifts and goodies - this Christmas eve crate box is easy to make and has a hundred different design possibilities. This one has a traditional look with bright red paint and delicate white snowflakes. Before you get started, you’ll need a medium paintbrushsandpaperRust-Oleum snowflakes and stars stencils, Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch paint in cherry red and white gloss, a small brush or sponge for the stencils, and of course – a spare wooden crate!

how to make a christmas eve box

Chalkboard placemats

Impress your guests with these delightful personalised place mats. They add a little something extra to the dining table, and your friends and family will love them. They’re super easy and cheap to make - all you’ll need is some Rust-Oleum black chalkboard paintmasking tape, wooden blocks – which you’ll be able to find in store, medium paintbrush and some white chalk.

With the help of personalised placemats, you’ll be able to pinpoint who the messy eater was that left turkey trimmings all over the table!

how to make chalkboard placemats

Marble baubles

Give your boring baubles a marble makeover with this clever how to guide from Rust-Oleum. Marble is all the rage right now – so keep your festive style fresh and modern with these enticing decorations. Mix and match whatever colours you think will work together, and similar with tie-dye projects - each bauble will turn out totally unique.

You’ll need Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch spray-paint in two colours, this guide uses winter grey and chalk white. You will also need some Rust-Oleum metallic spray paint, string, bauble hooks, Rust-Oleum surface primer and a container that is deep enough to fill with water and submerge the baubles.

how to make marble baubles

Glitter pinecones

With just a splash of glittery paint, you can transform your tired pinecones into embellished decorations. Place them in a bowl, scatter over the dining table or hang them from the Christmas tree. To make your pinecones sparkle all you need is some spare newspaper (so you don’t stain the floor or table you’re working on), pinecones (of course) and some Rust-Oleum glitter spray paint. Choose from silver, gold and even rainbow. Evenly spray the pinecones, twisting as you go and voila – they’re ready to make your home a little more festive and magical this Christmas!

how to make glitter pinecones

Festive candy cane chair

We all know the struggle of trying to fit the family round the table for Christmas dinner – there’s just never enough chairs for everybody. So, why not scour charity shops or car boot sales for some preloved seats and get creative? Store them in the attic when they’re not needed, or keep them out all year round! In just a matter of hours, you can give your home a pop of colour with this bright red candy cane chair.

DIY and lifestyle blogger, Cassie Fairy shows us how to make this delightful chair. You will need some dustsheets or spare newspaper, sandpaperRust-Oleum Painter’s Touch in cherry red and white satin, a pair of sharp scissorsRust-Oleum surface primer and crystal clear topcoatRust-Oleum low tack adhesive, a pencil, some greaseproof paper and masking tape.

how to make a festive candy cane chair

Chalkboard baubles

Are you becoming tired of digging the same dreary baubles out of storage every year? With just a lick of Rust-Oleum black matt chalkboard paint you can totally transform your baubles! Use multicolour chalk sticks to draw cute festive illustrations or write messages. If you don’t have any chalkboard paint, don’t fret – we sell a pack of four matt black chalkboard baubles - ready to be decorated.

how to make chalkboard baubles

Snowflake window decals

If you want to make it visible to people passing by that you’re getting into the festive spirit, but without going over the top – window decals are the way forward.

DIY and lifestyle blogger, Cassie Fairy shows us how to create your own window decals. Firstly, clean and dry your window. Then brush a thin layer of Rust-Oleum low tack adhesive over the snowflakes and stars stencil and allow to dry a little so it becomes tacky and clear. Next, apply the stencil to the window and press so that it sticks. Use Rust-Oleum peelable paint in white to spray paint the stencil design onto the window.

Let it dry before carefully peeling off the stencil. Don’t worry if any of the paint has sprayed over the edge of the stencil, you can wipe it away with a cloth. The stencil will still be tacky, so you can repeat the process, and add as many snowflakes to your window as you like! To remove the decorations after Christmas, simply peel off the paint – ta da!

snowflake window decal ideas