Living room ideas: Tips and tricks to transform your space

Choose change in your living room

The living room has evolved over the years. For most of us, it's a home office, cinema, nursery, and games room – all rolled into one marvellous multifunctional space.

One day you might be catching up with friends over a cuppa, and the next you’re catching 40 winks on the reclining armchair. Whether you’re entertaining guests or relaxing with the family – one thing’s for certain, you want your living room to be cosy, stylish, and inviting.

If you want to refresh your space with rugs and accessories, or completely change the colour scheme, we’ve got everything you need to get the job done. Paint, flooring, wallpaper, furniture, cushions – you name it, we’ve got it. Here’s our pick of the best living room ideas, tips, and products for your home…

light teal living room ideaslight teal living room ideaslight teal living room ideaslight teal living room ideas

B&Q Loves: Accent chairs

Do you regret choosing a plain sofa? Wish you’d gone for something a little more… out there? Like a deep velvet teal, or burnt orange? Luckily for you, our occasional chairs are perfect for adding drama to your living room. Choose from a variety of colours and styles, such as forest green velvet or grey linen effect. 

Whether you’re one seat short for movie night, or you need somewhere to focus, every living room can benefit from an accent chair. Why not place one in a quiet corner of the room and create your very own cosy reading nook?

living room ideasliving room ideasliving room ideasliving room ideas

Out of sight, out of mind

Life can be hectic. Paperwork, toys, laptop cables, dirty plates – the amount of mess we can create in just one day is pretty impressive. With our Atomia modular storage you can make sure you’ve got enough storage space to pack everything away at the end of the day.

The last thing you want to see when you’re unwinding with the family is your laptop and paperwork staring at you from across the room, reminding you of what’s to come at 9am tomorrow. Atomia is a range of cabinets and accessories that you can build to suit your space and storage needs. Whether you’ve got awkward alcoves, sloped ceilings, or narrow hallways, with Atomia anything is possible.

living room storage ideasliving room storage ideasliving room storage ideasliving room storage ideas

Take the floor

Don’t underestimate the power of a rug. If you’ve got laminate or wood flooring, a soft rug will provide padding under your feet, and reduce any echo in the room. If your living room is carpeted, laying down a rug will add depth and texture. As well as protect the carpet underneath from any accidental spillages!

Why not layer them on top of each other for extra dimension? Or you could use one to create a separate zone in a large open plan room. Whether you prefer a high or low pile, abstract prints, muted tones, or bold colours – we’ve got something to suit your style.

living room rug ideasliving room rug ideasliving room rug ideasliving room rug ideas

Fancy focal points

When we enter a room, the eye is often drawn towards the mantelpiece. Create a dazzling display by adding beautiful houseplants, stylish accessories, and scented candles.

Don’t have a fireplace? Don’t worry, you can still create a striking focal point in your living room. Put up a shelf on one of your walls and decorate it as you would a mantelpiece. Adorn it with your most treasured photographs, trinkets, and souvenirs. This is your opportunity to let your living room reflect who you are and what you love!

living room shelf ideasliving room shelf ideasliving room shelf ideasliving room shelf ideas

Create a warm glow

Choosing the right lighting is paramount to creating a warm and welcoming room. If ambience is what you’re looking for, then you can’t depend on just one light source. Use a mixture of ceiling lightsfloor lampstable lights and wall sconces to give your living room that warm glow you’re after.

Wall lights or sconces are perfect for illuminating a small living room, as they don’t take up any floor space. They are also great for drawing attention to certain parts of the room – use them to frame your sofa, fireplace, or your gallery wall. Or you could install one next to your armchair for some extra light whilst reading your book or flicking through your favourite magazine.

Have a browse through our charming selection of wall lights, we’ll have something to tickle your fancy.

living room lighting ideasliving room lighting ideasliving room lighting ideasliving room lighting ideas

Dream schemes

Whether you want to completely transform your space, or simply add a statement wall, a fresh lick of paint makes all the difference.

Inspired by new beginnings, the Dulux colour of the year for 2022 is Bright Skies. After a challenging couple of years, this uplifting shade perfectly captures the mood of the moment. Looking onwards, and upwards. This bright air blue will bring a breath of fresh air to your living space. Get your hands on a tin of Bright Skies at a B&Q store near you.

Did you know we also offer a colour matching service? Whether you’re inspired by a piece of clothing, a record sleeve, or just a piece of furniture, we can mix the exact colour you need .

blue living room ideasblue living room ideasblue living room ideasblue living room ideas

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