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Today's the day you warm this place up

It's more than just a house, it's a place to call home

A cosy lounge is where the family gathers and lasting memories are made. A calming bedroom is a sanctuary, a place of rest and self-care. A bright hallway is your personality, welcoming others into your home and your life.

Decorating your home signals the anticipation of joyful occasions. When you improve your home, you are committing an act of love. You’re not just giving it a lick of paint, you’re breathing warmth into your home.

ideas to warm up the homeideas to warm up the homeideas to warm up the homeideas to warm up the home

Bring colour to your life

Colour has the power to directly influence the soul. It has an incredible ability to shape our mood, our wellbeing and our happiness. By playing with colour, you can transform unremarkable rooms into inviting, comfortable spaces, full of life and warmth. Rich ochres, golds and chestnuts instantly evoke cosiness and a feeling of playfulness and vibrancy. Darker, intense hues like deep blues and crimson reds inspire intimacy and security. Remember, you don’t need to stick to a single colour when decorating; experiment with different textures, patterns and combinations. Picasso was right: “Why do two colours, put one next to the other, sing?”.

colourful home furnishingscolourful home furnishingscolourful home furnishingscolourful home furnishings

Home is where the hearth is

There’s something primal about gazing at a flickering fire, hearing the gentle hiss and crackle, and feeling a rosy glow on our faces. It’s also nostalgic, a warm flame can conjure up memories of campfires, crisp autumn evenings and huddling up with the family. Designing your space around a central fireplace instantly adds warmth to any room – literally and figuratively. A mantelpiece surround, adorned with treasured possessions and photos of your family will warm your heart, even when the fire’s not lit.

fireplace ideasfireplace ideasfireplace ideasfireplace ideas

Romantic lighting to set the mood

Light is just as powerful as colour when you want to warm up a room. Beautiful lighting makes everything in the room look beautiful too. It can be dramatic, romantic, uplifting, and make people feel and look gorgeous. A room looks best with multiple sources of light - from natural sunlight streaming through uncluttered windows, to ceiling light casting down from above. Play with the colour and vibrancy of your lighting too; use smart bulbs that you can control with your voice assistant to illuminate, change hue, and dim to set just the right mood.

lighting ideas in the homelighting ideas in the homelighting ideas in the homelighting ideas in the home

Take cosy cues from our Nordic cousins

Hygge was once a buzzword for all lifestyle aficionados (even though we couldn’t pronounce it). It’s a feeling of warm, cosy contentment and the pleasure of enjoying the simpler, comforting things in life. We all love the romanticism of nesting, and curling up with our favourite book, snuggling up to our loved ones and pets. Feed your soul by creating a space festooned with plush textiles, from chunky knitted throws to faux fur rugs and mountains of doughy pillows.

scandi style soft furnishingsscandi style soft furnishingsscandi style soft furnishingsscandi style soft furnishings

Help them grow, watch them glow

Plants have the power to breathe life, warmth, and energy into your surroundings. Just as humans need a little bit of TLC, so do our plants. Caring for them can instil a sense of purpose and responsibility, a duty of care. Take a few moments out of your busy day to nurture your greenery, and afterwards you’ll find that you’re not so tense – maybe your jaw has unclenched. Adorning your home with houseplants adds colour, interest, and texture. They can cast calming shadows across the room as the sun goes down – and flourish with flowers and stunning new foliage as they mature.