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Lighting trends for 2021

In the spotlight: top picks for lighting your home and garden

Whether it’s a romantic dinner date, or an after school play date – the lights you choose will determine the atmosphere around you. At B&Q, we understand the sheer power that light holds. It can create the illusion of space, add ambience, and instantly change the mood of a room. From industrial design to statement chandeliers - we’re here to shine a light on the coolest trends for brightening your home and garden this year.

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B&Q Loves - Colourful patterns

Don’t hide in the dark. Add a burst of colour to your home with beautifully bold lights. Vibrant lampshades are a great way of bringing colour to a room without using a paint brush. Featuring a geometric triangle design, our Telesto shade is available in mauve or blue.

Use multi-colour LED strip lights to add colour wherever your heart desires. You can change the hue to match the mood in the home. Switch to blue in the evenings for a calm feel, or orange to create a bright and happy atmosphere.

Colour isn’t reserved for indoors. Brighten up your evenings outside with solar-powered multi-colour bulb string lights. They’ll harvest the energy from the sun during the day to brighten your garden after dusk – creating a magical effect in your garden.

colourful lighting b&qcolourful lighting b&qcolourful lighting b&qcolourful lighting b&q

Refined industrial

Celebrating the stripped back aesthetic of old warehouses and factories, the industrial trend has influenced every area of the home. Adding grit and edge wherever it goes. Recently, we’ve seen the style become slightly more refined. The rough edges of industrial design are beginning to soften and become modernised.

Dark metallic shades, black accents, bare bulbs, pipes, and ropes – these are all elements you’ll see in refined industrial lighting. Whether your home décor is traditional or contemporary – this trend lends itself perfectly to all styles. Explore our range to find a look you’ll love.

refined industrial lighting b&qrefined industrial lighting b&qrefined industrial lighting b&qrefined industrial lighting b&q

Stay switched on with home office lighting

We’ve all gotten into the groove of working from home – but is your home office set up for success? Efficient lighting can boost productivity levels and reduce eye strain, so it’s definitely worth investing in. Internet searches for “home office lighting” more than doubled in the past year. So, if you’re struggling to stay motivated during the day, it might be time to rethink the lighting in your home office.

If possible, position your desk in front of a window. Not only will the sunshine improve your mood, but it will also help you stay alert and ready for anything the day throws at you. To reduce eye strain, we suggest placing a desk lamp behind your monitor to offset the glare from your screen. To look your best on video calls, sit facing a light source. This can be either in front of a window, or a soft artificial light source. Many of our table lamps have movable parts so they can be directed in any position you need.

home office lighting b&qhome office lighting b&qhome office lighting b&qhome office lighting b&q

Stealing the limelight - Warm metals

It seems that warm and cool metallic tones battle it out every year for the crown. Last year the attention was on rose gold and copper. This year, brass and gold are defiantly taking centre stage. Adding warmth, sophistication, and elegance – warm metals are boldly making their way back into our interiors. Metals with yellow undertones pair well with rich colours, such as deep crimson and forest green.

Our new lighting range consists of brass floor lamps and gold effect pendant lights in a variety of styles. Choose from antique-style wall lights to eccentric pendant lights. Whether you prefer vintage, contemporary, or classic – we’ll have something to suit you.

brass lighting b&qbrass lighting b&qbrass lighting b&qbrass lighting b&q

Make a statement

Be bold, be brave and be daring. Let your lights stand out from the crowd and shine brightly. Yes, lights are functional, but we mustn’t forget that they’re a great way of bringing beauty to a room too.

If you ask us, there’s no reason why we can’t add extravagance to every room in the house. Use statement lights where you wouldn’t expect to find them. Brighten up dim hallways, bathrooms, and even the downstairs toilet with luxurious lighting. You’ll wow your guests, and they'll make a great focal point in the room. At B&Q we’ve got a stunning selection of swoon worthy options to pick from.

statement lighting b&qstatement lighting b&qstatement lighting b&qstatement lighting b&q

Moroccan nights

The days are getting longer, and the nights are getting shorter. It’s time to mow your lawn, dust down your furniture, and get the trusty BBQ out from storage! With our outdoor lights, you can stay in the garden well after nightfall. Moroccan style lanterns have been storming the style charts recently. Give your garden a warm orange glow with our solar powered lantern string lights, and add some rustic charm with our on-trend rattan lantern string lights. It doesn’t stop at lighting. You can use rich colours, outdoor rugs, and cushions to bring some plush Moroccan cosiness to your garden.

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