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How to design your own custom storage with Atomia

Keep the everyday organised

With Atomia, you can build storage to fit your needs. Gone are the days of frantically cramming clothes into your wardrobe, or jackets falling off the hallway hooks every time you walk past. Whether it’s awkward alcoves or unused corners – our customisable storage can be designed to suit any space.

From the size and style to the accessories within, Atomia modular storage lets you decide it all. That’s right, the power is in your hands. Design your dream walk-in wardrobe or create a new home office under the stairs. The cabinets and drawers can be cleverly stacked and built to suit the space you have. From the internal accessories to the external doors, you have total control over every little aspect.

So, for modular storage furniture that does the job (and looks stylish whilst doing it), choose Atomia.

atomia modular storageatomia modular storageatomia modular storageatomia modular storage

How does it work?

Trust us, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Head over to our Atomia range page for more information on designing storage furniture to suit your needs, and to start shopping.

1. Choose your cabinet size according to your space

Take your pick from 350mm, 450mm, and 580mm depth cabinets. Browse all Atomia cabinets.

2. Pick your internal Atomia accessories

Such as shelves or internal drawers. Browse all of our internal Atomia accessories.

3. Complete your furniture

Choose from a selection of doors, sliding doors, external drawers, and a variety of handle designs. See all Atomia accessories and finishing touches.

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Watch our video to find out how Atomia can answer all your home storage needs

What’s so great about Atomia?

  • Modular design

Whether you’ve got low ceilings, narrow hallways, or oddly shaped rooms, Atomia storage can be customised to fit your needs.

  • Smooth and silent

No more banging doors and slamming drawers – Atomia comes with soft close hinges for a smooth experience.

  • Strong and durable

Our modular storage furniture won’t let you down. All materials have been thoroughly checked and tested for high performance and longevity.

  • Easy to install

With its clever pre-drilled design, you can easily arrange and build Atomia in a way that works for you.

atomia storageatomia storageatomia storageatomia storage

Get inspired!

There are countless ways you can use Atomia modular storage to improve your home life. We thought we’d help get you started with some inspiration. Here are some clever examples of how you can incorporate modular storage furniture in your bedroom, living room and other areas around the home…

Create a home office under your stairs

Who says your office needs to be in a separate room? Utilise the space under your stairs to create an area for doing what you love.

office under stairs ideasoffice under stairs ideasoffice under stairs ideasoffice under stairs ideas

Make your wardrobe work for you

Whether you have an impressive shoe collection, or your handbag obsession has gotten out of control, you can build your wardrobe to your individual needs.

modular wardrobe ideasmodular wardrobe ideasmodular wardrobe ideasmodular wardrobe ideas

Design a hallway of dreams

You can design hallway storage to suit you and your family. Install hooks lower down so toddlers can hang up their own coats and install cabinets higher up to keep seldom used items out of sight.

hallway storage ideashallway storage ideashallway storage ideashallway storage ideas

Maximise storage space under your stairs

There’s a lot more space under there than you might think. Instead of bundling everything on top of each other, use Atomia storage to maximise your space.

under stair storage ideasunder stair storage ideasunder stair storage ideasunder stair storage ideas

Make use of an empty wall

Transform a bare wall into a statement piece with cabinets and shelves. Store personal documents away in cupboards and put your favourite ornaments and accessories on display.

modular storage ideasmodular storage ideasmodular storage ideasmodular storage ideas