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Garage storage buying guide

Keep your garage free from clutter

Organise your garage and keep it looking spotless with our selection of shelving and storage options. We've got everything from large garage shelving units to modular shelving systems, storage cabinets and cupboards. Whether you’re organising your garage, shed or workshop, we’ve got you covered.


In this article, we'll give you our in-depth knowledge of everything you need to keep your garage or workshop neat and tidy. Including;

  • Shelving units and cabinets
  • Storage boxes, trunks and crates
  • Garage shelving system

Metal shelving

garage storage shelving ideas

Light load shelving units

With a loading capacity of 40kg per shelf (total loading capacity of 160kg), this sturdy shelving unit is made from galvanised steel and protected against corrosion. It comes with 4 plastic feet and is ideal for storing light loads in your garage.

what shelves should i get for my garage

Axial range (medium load)

Made from galvanised steel, our Axial range is perfect for regular sized loads. They can be assembled easily using a clip system, and comes with a handy tool that helps the strip to go through the slit. With a 10-year guarantee, and a total load capacity of 400kg – you can certainly rely on the Axial range. It is also protected against corrosion and comes with 4 plastic feet.

best shelves for garages

EXA range (heavy load)

Our heavy duty EXA shelving units are made from galvanised steel, come with either metal or chipboard shelves, and can hold up to 2000kg (400kg per shelf). Perfect for storing extra heavy tools and items in the garage. They are assembled with a clip system using rivets, and come with reinforcement bars. Shelves are adjustable in height and the steel is protected against corrosion.

Wooden shelving

garage shelf buying guide

Light load shelving units

With 4 shelves, and 3 slats per shelf – this storage solution has a loading capacity of 20kg per shelf (total loading capacity of 80kg). It comes with a hex key so that it can be assembled quickly and easily, and can be painted or varnished as you wish.

Plastic shelving and cabinets

how to choose shelves for garage

Light load shelving units

Choose from a unit with 4 fixed shelves and 4 non-adjustable plastic feet (load capacity per shelf – 25kg), or our unit with 5 height adjustable shelves and 4 adjustable plastic feet (load capacity per shelf – 60kg). In this range we also have a cabinet with 3 height adjustable shelves (load capacity per shelf - 15kg), and 4 plastic feet.

garage storage advice

Links (medium load)

Our Links plastic shelving units have up to 5 height adjustable shelves, and come with 8 adjustable plastic feet. You have the option to build the shelf like a workbench, as well as the possibility to tie the shelf units together. With up to 80kg per shelf (total loading capacity of 400kg), Links shelving is ideal for storing tools and materials in your garage.

Links cabinets are available in a range of sizes, from 1 to 4 shelves. All cabinets come with 2 lockable doors and aluminium handles.

ideas for garage storage

Regular multipurpose storage

For regular storage, our Fitty and Kaze boxes will do the trick. Fitty boxes are nestable, stackable and available in 3 different sizes. Kaze boxes come in 9 different size options, are nestable, stackable and made from clear polypropylene so that you can easily identify items, they also have a click lid. Both Fitty and Kaze have a loading of capacity of up to 20kg.

boxes for garage storage

Heavy duty multipurpose storage

Our Xago boxes are available in 4 different sizes, with a loading capacity of up to 60kg. Its unique design means that they are stackable and nestable in an instant with a loading stackable charge of up to 300kg.

They’re easy to transport – simply clip handle lid for easy and secure transport. Xago boxes are strong and long lasting with reinforced corners and base. Available in two different finishes; transparent polypropylene – to easily identify contents inside, and opaque polypropylene – to provide maximum protection.

garage storage ideas

Outside storage

Our Skyda trunks come in 4 different size options. They are 100% weather and UV resistant and come in a black polypropylene finish. This storage box is lockable for securing items and has strong handles and wheels for easy transportation, with a loading capacity of up to 60kg.

how to choose garage storage

Occasional storage

For occasional storage, our Stuva and Foldie crates are perfect because they’re foldable and stackable. Available in 4 different sizes, these crates are suitable for home as well as garage use, and they’re food safe.