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Storage for small bathrooms

Keep your small bathroom organised with our storage ideas

If you have a small bathroom, it can often feel like a struggle trying to design a space that looks stylish, but also has room to store everything you need. Storage is particularly important in smaller bathroom spaces as any items that can’t be stored will create clutter, which will make the space feel even smaller! In this guide, we outline some of our top small bathroom storage ideas that will help you create a stylish, clutter free bathroom.

small bathroom storage ideassmall bathroom storage ideassmall bathroom storage ideassmall bathroom storage ideas

Compact vanity units

When you’re working with a compact space, anywhere you can combine two uses into one product is ideal. Vanity units include storage and your basin in one neat package, allowing you to store all your bathroom essentials and keep the clutter off the countertop. We stock a range of compact vanity units in a great choice of styles so no matter the size or shape of your bathroom, you'll find a unit to suit.

Corner storage units

In a small bathroom, you might need to get creative with how you position your furniture, which is where corner furniture comes in. Corner storage units, as the name suggests, are designed to slot neatly into the corner of your bathroom. This can provide a neat solution to small bathroom design headaches, whilst also opening up options to install furniture elsewhere in your bathroom.

Wall hung vanity units

Storage is the answer to keeping the clutter down in small bathrooms. However, too many units can make a small space feel cramped and claustrophobic. One of the ways to prevent this is the installation of a wall hung vanity unit. Installing a vanity on the wall increases the amount of visible floor space, which will in turn make your bathroom appear larger. 

Inset shower shelf

Without a proper storage solution, shampoo and shower gel bottles will find themselves sat on the edges of a shower enclosure or bath. This will create a cluttered look which is something you'll want to avoid in a small bathroom space. The solution to this issue is creating an inset shower shelf.

Inset shower shelves are built into the walls of your shower enclosure, in an area which would otherwise be unused. This will give you a place to keep all your shower toiletries organised and prevent the dirt build ups which accumulate around bottles left on shower surfaces.

If you’re not able to install a shelf, or you need extra storage space, shower caddies and baskets are also an option.

inset shower storageinset shower storageinset shower storageinset shower storage

Wall mounted tumblers and soap dispensers

Keeping your vanity unit or basin tidy is especially important in a small bathroom, which is why we recommend using wall mounted tumblers and soap dispensers. These are a stylish, modern way to keep these products off your surfaces and prevent the marks and stains that toothpaste and soap can leave on your basin.

Tumblers and soap dispensers are available in a great range of styles and finishes, so you can match yours with the rest of your bathroom decor. 

Fitted bathroom furniture

If you’re working with small dimensions, one of the ways you can maximise storage is fitted bathroom furniture. Our fitted furniture range includes a great selection of units designed to slot seamlessly together, fully utilising your available space whilst giving your bathroom a flawless aesthetic. If you want some help making the most of your small bathroom with fitted furniture, book a planning appointment with one of our advisors.

fitted bathroom furniturefitted bathroom furniturefitted bathroom furniturefitted bathroom furniture

Bathroom mirror cabinets

Mirrors can add depth to bathroom walls, which will in turn make the space feel larger. They will also reflect light, which can help smaller windowless bathrooms feel less gloomy. 

Although you could just install a standard mirror to achieve this benefit, we’re looking for options which maximise storage in a small space. That’s why we recommend installing a bathroom mirror cabinet, which gives you a mirror and storage in one neat package.

Freestanding storage units

If your current vanity and mirror cabinet don't give you enough storage, or you can't fit any extra units as you're renting your home, consider installing an extra freestanding storage unit.

We stock a selection of tall, compact freestanding units which are ideal for slotting into smaller spaces. You’ll also find a collection of sleek wall hung units, which leave the floor space underneath exposed to help your bathroom feel more spacious.

heated towel railheated towel railheated towel railheated towel rail

Towel storage for small bathrooms

When your bathroom floor space is limited, the last thing you want is wet towels left on the floor, so having somewhere to keep them is a must.

A heated towel rail is the most common bathroom towel storage solution. These not only provide you with a rack to store your towels, but will also keep them dry and fresh. Heated towel rails are available in a range of great finishes in a selection of compact sizes, so even if you’re limited on space, you can find one to suit your needs.

If you’re unable to install a heated towel rail or you just want to add some extra towel storage, we also stock a great range of towel rails and rings.

How do you fill dead space in a bathroom?

Artwork is an increasingly popular way of decorating bare bathroom walls. Whether it's a funny slogan or beautiful beach scene, it's an easy way to personalise your bathroom whilst filling those empty spaces.

How do you make a small bathroom look less cluttered?

Items left on countertops are one of the biggest causes of bathroom clutter, so store as much as you can in cupboards and invest in tumblers and baskets for everything else.

What will make a small bathroom look bigger?

Mirrors give walls depth, which in turn will make your bathroom appear larger. Invest in a bathroom mirror cabinet and consider installing a separate decorative mirror on another wall.

Bathroom storage shelvingBathroom storage shelvingBathroom storage shelvingBathroom storage shelving

As you can see, just because your bathroom is small, you don't need to compromise on having a stylish and clutter free space. Now you've got some inspiration, take a look at our vanity unit, bathroom cabinet and storage unit collection and start making the most of your small bathroom!