Guarantee Form for Installation Customers 

Your guarantee covers faulty workmanship, for a period specified within your warranty documentation. If you believe you have a valid claim to make against you warranty, please download a copy of the claim form and, once complete, email a copy to

You will need the following information:

  • Proof of purchase to ensure B&Q are dealing with the named owner of the contract for data regulation purposes so that your claim can be validated.
  • Sales Invoice/Order Number
  • Installation fit date
  • Photographs to support your claim will be required to be sent with your claim form

Please note:

You are not covered for routine maintenance or adjustment, including but not limited to, door adjustment, hinge adjustment, toilet seat adjustment and silicone sealant renewal. Problems arising from physical damage to the products or misuse are also excluded. Further details can be found on your guarantee paperwork.

Download the claim form here: