GoodHome Bamia Kitchen Appliances

Appliances are often the centrepiece of the kitchen, so we want them to stand out from the crowd whilst being fuss-free and easy to use. Our GoodHome appliances offer a range of intuitive features that make cooking easier and are energy efficient too. 


High-power hoods

GoodHome cooker hoods are paired with our hobs through smart connectivity to auto-adjust their extraction rate. Gesture controls on the hood remove the need to touch during cooking, making your life even easier.


Smart hobs

Our Bamia hobs have been designed to be clever and energy efficient. Place a pan on the hob and touch the interface to automatically warm your pan, or pause your cooking to allow for any distractions with one button.


Energy saving ovens

Bamia ovens automatically switch to 180 °C at the touch of a button, for easy pre-heating. They also feature pre-sets to help you remember familiar meals. LED hood lighting and eco-cooking oven functions help save energy without affecting performance.