Upcycling paint projects to reclaim old furniture

A lick of paint can make all the difference

With so much more time at home, and for most of us, a lot more time to spare – we’re finally getting round to all those DIY projects we’ve been meaning to do. From jazzing up dull dining furniture, to making a more desirable space to store the little one’s toys, we have all the techniques to help you salvage forgotten furniture.

Read our article, how to use renovation paint effectively, for tips and advice on painting furniture.

paint upcycling projectspaint upcycling projectspaint upcycling projectspaint upcycling projects

B&Q Loves - Cook in colour

A kitchen isn’t just a place to prepare food. It’s where you make those memories you never forget. You know, like, that time the pancake stuck to the ceiling on Shrove Tuesday, or that time you dropped the birthday cake that took hours to decorate. Not so funny at the time, but in hindsight? Hilarious. Renovating a kitchen can be an expensive endeavour. However, painting cabinets and replacing door handles will give you a fresh new look for a fraction of the cost.

Brighten up your cooking space with our Lemon pie kitchen paint, or create a calm kitchen with our Monaco blue kitchen paint. A popular trend right now is painting wall cabinets and base cabinets different colours. We’ve got loads of shades to choose from, so you’ll easily find the perfect match. In just one day you can totally transform the look of your kitchen - a low-cost option for a high impact look.

Check out our step-by-step guide to painting kitchen cabinets.

paint upcycle projectspaint upcycle projectspaint upcycle projectspaint upcycle projects

Furniture to dine for

Tired of looking at the same old dining table and chairs every time you sit down to eat? With just a flick of the paint brush, you can give your lacklustre furniture a new lease of life. This is your chance to experiment with patterns and shades to create something that is truly unique.

If you’ve got a wooden table, paint it white and go over it with sandpaper for a shabby chic style. Or leave the tabletop bare, and only paint the legs. Who says everything needs to be the same colour? If you’re feeling adventurous, paint your dining chairs different colours – instantly giving your space an east-London brunch bar vibe.

paint upcycle ideaspaint upcycle ideaspaint upcycle ideaspaint upcycle ideas

This season’s trend - Ombre obsession

Spend five minutes scrolling through Pinterest for bedroom ideas. We guarantee you’ll find at least a dozen chest of drawers painted in a series of shades. Not only do they look stunning, they’re also surprisingly easy to recreate. You don’t need to be the next Picasso to do it yourself. Paint each drawer a different shade and it will trick your eyes into thinking the colours have been blended.

If vibrant colours are your thing, you could opt for a Tequila Sunrise inspired palette and let hues of yellow meld into a deep orange. Or maybe you’d prefer to mix shades of blue and aquamarine for an Under the Sea colour scheme. Practice on a plain sheet of paper until you find your preferred combination. It looks best if you start with a dark shade at the bottom and gradually get lighter towards the top.

furniture ombre paint ideasfurniture ombre paint ideasfurniture ombre paint ideasfurniture ombre paint ideas

Think outside the box

Let’s be honest, when we think of storage boxes, the last word that comes to mind is attractive. They’re normally kept as plain as possible and stored strictly out of sight. Here’s an idea, why not make a feature out of storage boxes? It’ll make the process of tidying less tedious – and you may find that your children are more willing to pack away their toys!

To create a geometric toy box, all you need is some masking tape and two or three paint colours. You could choose a metallic shade too for added detail. Put aside a couple of hours with the kids and get creative. Not only will you end up with a funky geometric box to store toys and games – you’ll have had a fun crafternoon with the little ones too.

paint storage boxespaint storage boxespaint storage boxespaint storage boxes

Stairs to make them stare

If you want to wow your guests – upcycling a wooden staircase is a good way to go about it. It’s usually the first thing you see when you walk through the front door – so let the stairs speak for themselves. Make sure you sand, scrub and treat them before painting. It’s also important to ensure you pick a paint that will withstand a lot of wear and tear, such as our floor paint. We recommend you don’t choose anything with a gloss finish – as that could result in a few tumbles.

The options are endless when it comes to painting staircases. Create a fake runner or use stencils to add detail – especially if you’re not brave enough to go freehand. You could even take inspiration from our previous idea and create an ombre staircase!

stair painting ideasstair painting ideasstair painting ideasstair painting ideas