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Biophilic bedroom

Create the ultimate oasis for a peaceful night’s rest. Biophilic design is all about embracing nature in every corner of your home. Shades of refreshing green sweep the room, whilst trailing houseplants fill every bit of free space. Flower wall art, leaf print bedding, and embroidered cushions help to bring the botanical look together.

biophilic bedroombiophilic bedroombiophilic bedroombiophilic bedroom

GoodHome Edenberry, a gorgeous shade of sage green, coats the walls. Floral cushions add softness and style, creating the perfect place for you to sit and look out at nature. Listen to the twittering birds and gaze at the whistling trees from the comfort of your own home. The Pinilla wooden bedside table in a unique whitewashed finish adds to the boho charm of this botanical bedroom. It's just the spot for storing your favourite books, reed diffusers, and scented candles.

biophilic bedroombiophilic bedroombiophilic bedroombiophilic bedroom

The most important element of a biophilic bedroom? Houseplants, of course! There are so many benefits to having plants in your bedroom. They can purify the air, boost happiness levels, and help you to sleep well at night. Not to mention, they look gorgeous. If you’d rather not care for real plants in your bedroom, you can still get the same botanical vibe with artificial houseplants.