Timber cutting service

Come in-store and make use of our timber cutting service. We can cut timber bought from B&Q to the size you need, any day of the week. No appointment needed.

Timber cutting serviceTimber cutting serviceTimber cutting serviceTimber cutting service

Why use our timber cutting service?

  • First 5 cuts free, then 50c per cut thereafter
  • No need to book in advance, just show up when you need us
  • Save time, money and effort
  • Avoid making mess in your work space
  • An accurate and precise cut every time
  • Wood cutting service every day of the week

Come in-store when you're ready

You don’t need to book in advance - just turn up when you need us. We can cut a variety of sheet timber, furniture board and worktops. Once you've decided what you need, simply take your timber to the Timber Saw location and discuss your cutting requirements with our trained colleagues. We suggest you check your local store details as services do sometimes vary from branch to branch.

Check with your nearest B&Q store for more information. One of our colleagues will be able to assist you.

Our saws operational capabilities and limitations

Our vertical panel saws are designed to cut wood-based panels only. The saw cannot cut doors, fence panels and lattices, plasterboard and mineral based boards, strip timber and thick structural timber.

We can cut panels that have the following minimum and maximum dimensions:

  • Minimum panel length – 500mm
  • Minimum panel height – 230mm
  • Maximum panel length – 3300mm
  • Maximum panel height – 2160mm
  • Maximum panel thickness – 80mm