GoodHome kora kitchen bins

Our Kora waste system makes recycling easy, convenient, and stylish.

Designed with loads of features to make them easy to clean, use and maintain whilst saving you floor space.

our GoodHome Kora kitchen bins are heavily tested and sold with a 10-year guarantee.


  • The removable lids, steps, locks, wheels and handles all work together to make the range easy to clean, use, maintain and store
  • Kora pull-out bins are suitable for everyday dry and general household waste. They’re designed to have other bins stacked on top, and still be usable thanks to their pull-out mechanism.
  • The Kora touch bins easily stacked on top of the Kora base pull-out bins, making it easy to sort waste
  • Kora kitchen bins are tested to 80,000 use cycles (approx. 10 years of regular use)