Tile slip resistance ratings

Which tiles can I use in wet-rooms, bathrooms and kitchens?

We all know that tiles can get slippery when they’re wet. To help you choose appropriate floor tiles for your wet-room, bathroom and kitchen, we’ve measured the slip resistance of all our floor tiles. Each tile has been given a slip resistance rating. This rating is displayed on each product in store, and on each product page on diy.ie.

Tile slip resistance ratingsTile slip resistance ratingsTile slip resistance ratingsTile slip resistance ratings

High slip resistance

Suitable for all interior locations, including wet-rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms.

Medium slip resistance

Suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, utility rooms and dry locations. Not suitable for wet-rooms. Clean up spills and keep your tiles clean to reduce the potential for slip. Keep the bathroom well ventilated and use a bathmat

Low slip resistance

Suitable for dry areas only

What else can do I need to consider?

Slip resistance can reduce if tiles are contaminated, e.g. with mould, dirt, oil, cleaning products, shampoo, soap etc. We advise that you to keep your tiles dry and clean to reduce the possibility of slip accidents. Clean up spills as soon as possible.

Which tiles can I use outside?

Exterior locations can be wet, so tiles with a high slip resistance are required. Only tiles recommended for exterior use should be used outdoors.

Additional information

“High slip resistance” tiles have a ‘low slip potential’ meaning you’re less likely to slip when walking on them. Note that slipping is still possible, but it is less likely. So please take precautions and maintain your tiles as mentioned above. The slip resistance of our tiles was measured using a pendulum tester, giving a pendulum test value (PTV). The tiles are measured wet, using Slider 55 which simulates slip potential of the tile when in contact with bare feet.


Tile slip resistance rating (wet) Slip potential PTV wet (BS7976)
High Low 36+
Medium Medium 25-35
Low High 0-24


Commercial use

Note our advice applies to domestic properties only. Commercial property owners should carry out a risk assessment. More information about slip resistance and slip potential can be found on the HSE website.