5 simple ways to use smart plugs

Say hello to a smart home hero

Smart plugs. They're the most basic element of any smart home. They come in all shapes and sizes and are easy to buy and set up. Before you think about internet connectivity, whole home Wi-Fi and remote controlled devices - smart plugs are where it all begins.

Below you'll find five simple ways to use this smart home hero!

5 simple ways to use smart plugs 15 simple ways to use smart plugs 15 simple ways to use smart plugs 15 simple ways to use smart plugs 1

What is a smart plug?

It's a plug socket adapter you can control with an app, so anything plugged into it instantly becomes smart. Control things remotely, even while you're out, set schedules and bring hard to reach sockets back into play. If you're curious about smart home technology, smart plugs are an ideal starting point.

Why are smart plugs a favourite first smart home device?

Smart plugs really can be smart home heroes. They're simple to set up, relatively cheap and infinitely useful. You don’t need a separate controller for them to work, you just need Wi-Fi and a smartphone. So, you can start off with one and add more when you like, no strings attached.

They're happy on their own but have even more potential when linked to a smart speaker or display. Then you'll be able to use voice commands and link them to other smart devices in your home.

5 ways smart plugs improve your home

  1. Remote control anything - Ever left home and had a moment when you think maybe you've left a lamp on? No problem. Open the app, check the smart plug. If it's on, switch it off. Works anywhere with internet access, with anything plugged into a smart plug.


  2. Reclaim hard-to-reach sockets - Up high, down low, behind a wardrobe. Add a smart plug and control whatever's plugged in without moving furniture or doing your back in. They're also brilliant in the festive season when you can turn the tree lights on and off without getting up!


  3. Peace of mind while you're away from home - Connect some lamps and a radio via your smart plugs and schedule them so it seems like you're at home. And when you do get home, don't fumble for light switches in the dark. Use the app to switch them on just before you arrive.


  4. Automate your home with routines - With a smart controller and compatible smart plugs, include almost anything electrical in your smart home routines. Trigger a lamp with smart motion sensors. Or say, "Hey Google, good morning" to switch on the lights, kettle and radio, without leaving your bed.


  5. Fight vampire power and save money - That's the power used by things on standby. They're off, but not really off. Instead, plug your media equipment – TV, amplifier, speakers – into a smart plug and set it to switch off at night.


5 simple ways to use smart plugs 25 simple ways to use smart plugs 25 simple ways to use smart plugs 25 simple ways to use smart plugs 2

Compare before you buy

Smart plug features usually expand with price. Even so, the price range isn't huge. Basic models can be switched on and off via Wi-Fi. Spend a bit more to get features like setting schedules and energy monitoring. Also check they're compatible with your smart speaker or display if you use one.

Personalise your plugs

Smart plugs usually have default names when first set up, but you should be able to change those in the app. "Bedside lamp" is much easier to remember than "smart plug three". Why not assign zones like "downstairs lights" to control a group of devices with just a single command.

Simple to set up, inexpensive to buy and incredibly useful, smart plugs are the ideal smart home starter.

Our smart home product range

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5 simple ways to use smart plugs 35 simple ways to use smart plugs 35 simple ways to use smart plugs 35 simple ways to use smart plugs 3