Kitchen trends for 2022

Cooking up a storm: the biggest kitchen style trends

Eager to find out the latest kitchen trends for 2022? Look no further. This year it’s all about show off shelving, sleek lines, and pink tones. We’ve got the low down on which design trends and kitchen styles the public have been scouring the internet for. Marble is due a comeback, and we're embracing organised chaos in our kitchens, aka 'cluttercore'. Read on to find out the latest kitchen design ideas set to make an impact in 2022.

kitchen trends 2022kitchen trends 2022kitchen trends 2022kitchen trends 2022

Sleek simplicity

Want to know the secret to achieving a minimalist kitchen? It’s simple. You’ve got to go handleless. Streamlined kitchens are set to be a huge trend for 2022. Think integrated appliances, built-in storage, and smooth, uninterrupted lines. With our new Innovo range you can create a truly modern and lavish kitchen. Pair your handleless kitchen with neutral shades and dark surfaces for a contemporary look.

Handleless kitchens are easier to keep clean than a conventional kitchen, as there aren’t any grooves for grime to build up. So, you can spend less time cleaning, and more time doing what you love in your kitchen. Whether that’s making gnocchi from scratch, baking cakes, or even dancing! And with no protruding parts, handleless kitchens are a great option if you’ve got young children (who love running into things).

Take your pick from three rail finishes, three door styles, and 11 door finishes. No matter your taste, you can create the perfect combination to match your style.

luxury kitchen ideasluxury kitchen ideasluxury kitchen ideasluxury kitchen ideas

All the sage

Inspired by nature, sage green kitchens are timeless and effortlessly chic. With Pinterest searches for ‘rustic kitchens’ up +80% and 'green paint' up +70% in the past year - we predict earthy grey undertones and sage green kitchens to be a colour trend for your kitchens in 2022. At B&Q, we’re always one step ahead of the latest trends – which is why our Alpinia kitchen is available in a matt green finish.

Not quite ready for green cabinetry? Use furniture paint to highlight a particular feature in your kitchen, such as the legs of your dining table or chairs. This neutral shade pairs well with a mixture of styles and colours. Thanks to its versatility, we predict sage green to be a popular choice for seasons to come. Whether it’s cabinetry, accessories, or paint – sage is here to stay. You can even carry the craze into your garden with our new multi-surface garden paint.

sage green kitchenssage green kitchenssage green kitchenssage green kitchens

B&Q recommends - Hot water on tap

Kettles are so last year. With our boiling hot water taps you can pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea in a matter of seconds.

Not only will you save heaps of time, but you’ll be also doing the environment a favour too. We rarely fill our kettles with the exact amount of water we use. Spare water sits idle overnight, and then gets poured away to make way for fresh water the next day. It’s okay – we’re all guilty of it. With a boiling water tap you’ll only ever use the water you need. And since there’s no need for a kettle – you’ll free up valuable worktop space. Something we could all do with more of!

kitchen design ideaskitchen design ideaskitchen design ideaskitchen design ideas

The rise of “Japandi”

Japanese design meets Scandinavian aesthetic in this rising home décor trend. Sleek lines, neutral colour palettes and calming-set ups will be on everyone’s radar in 2022. Also known as “Japanordic” or “Scandenese” – minimalist design and simplicity is at the very core of this new trend. It’s about reducing clutter and using only what you need.

Think natural materials, tasteful plants, and soft, ambient lighting. Combine our matt stone effect Garcinia kitchen with a wooden worktop for an elegant look. Bring some tranquillity to your space with greenery - we adore our Ficus ginseng bonsai. And don't forget to incorporate some natural materials, like bamboo and wicker. Our GoodHome magnetic Pecel bamboo shelf will help you to keep clutter off the worktops. You heard it here first – “Japandi” will have a massive influence on kitchens in 2022.

B&Q’s Head of Trends, Susie Spence:

"The Japandi style trend is great for those who like calm, tranquillity and clean lines. To ease the Japandi style into your kitchen, why not start off with some plants like a bonsai tree to bring this on-trend aesthetic into your home in 2022, or for those looking to make a bigger change, wooden worktops make for a great nod to the Japandi style.”

japandi kitchenjapandi kitchenjapandi kitchenjapandi kitchen

Think pink

The latest shade storming all of our Instagram feeds right now: candy floss pink. This gorgeous hue rose to popularity during 2021, and it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. Whether it’s in your bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen – pink is here to stay, and we’re totally loving it.

We get it. A pink kitchen may not be everyone's cup of tea, but you can still incorporate some subtle hints here and there to brighten up your space. Why not paint a feature wall, or tile your walls with a lovely blush pink splashback? This delicate colour pairs beautifully with darker tones such as navy blue and charcoal grey. For a sophisticated look, pair our Artemisia midnight blue kitchen cabinets with a pink tiled splashback.

If you’re thinking of going pink – just do it! You won’t look back.

pink kitchen ideaspink kitchen ideaspink kitchen ideaspink kitchen ideas

B&Q loves – Cluttercore

Enough to give Maria Kondo nightmares! This is a maximalist’s take on minimalism, an orderly mess.  Recently we’ve seen a rise in online searches for 'kitchen shelf ideas', whilst Pinterest has seen a +30% increase in searches for ‘Cluttercore’. This year we’ll be curating our shelves in the same way we’d meticulously design a gallery wall. From coloured glassware to handmade clay plates – use eye-catching accessories and utensils to make your kitchen the coolest room in the house.

Choose bright and colourful crockery, add cushions to bar stools and place some candles on your kitchen island for a laid-back vibe. From potted plants to framed art, display your most prized possessions on open shelves or behind glass cabinet doors. We spend a lot of time in our kitchens, let’s make it a comfortable place to unwind with the family.

B&Q’s Head of Trends, Susie Spence:

“It’s interesting seeing the shift in kitchen aesthetic from minimalism to Cluttercore as we spend more time in our homes. Kitchens are the perfect area of the house to introduce Cluttercore – we suggest using framed art, open shelves and glass cabinet doors to nail the trend.”

kitchen decor ideaskitchen decor ideaskitchen decor ideaskitchen decor ideas

Marble moments

Words we associate with marble: deluxe, sophisticated, and expensive. At B&Q you needn’t worry about the E word. Make your kitchen feel luxurious with products that don’t cost the earth. With marble effect sticky back plastic, you can transform the look of your kitchen surfaces in an afternoon. It’s surprisingly easy to apply, plus it’s water and heat resistant (up to 75 degrees). Read our article, how to apply stick back plastic for a step-by-step guide as well as some clever tips and tricks.

Want to give your walls and floors a swanky makeover? Our marble effect floor and wall tiles are stain-resistant, easy to fit and certainly look the part. Recreate a high class look in your kitchen.

marble kitchen ideasmarble kitchen ideasmarble kitchen ideasmarble kitchen ideas

PIY: Paint it yourself

Search queries for “kitchen cupboard paint” have doubled in the past year. And we’re hardly surprised! Painting your kitchen cupboard doors are an easy and cost-effective way of upgrading your kitchen without much effort. Lucky for you, no matter the style of your kitchen – you’ll find a colour and finish that you’ll love at B&Q.

We’ve seen a myriad of colours storming the style charts. Darker shades such as olive green and midnight blue, as well as neutral tones like caramel and walnut. Another trend on our radar is two-tone kitchens – top cupboards painted in one colour, and bottom cupboards in another. We love the bold yet understated combination of black and white. Whether you want a bright, high gloss finish or prefer a moody matte look – we’ve got something to suit you.

paint kitchen cupboardspaint kitchen cupboardspaint kitchen cupboardspaint kitchen cupboards

Hungry for more? If you need some help planning a kitchen renovation project, have a read of 4 steps to planning your kitchen. Short on space? Our small kitchen ideas can help you out.