12 top tips for tidying your home

The big declutter

And just like that, the new year has arrived. We’ve eaten our body weight in mince pies and spent the past fortnight wondering what day of the week it is. We don’t want to accept it either, but the festive season is well and truly over.

Every year we tell ourselves the same thing. We vow never to buy anything just for the sake of it, and we promise to always tidy up as we go. But hey, life gets in the way, and somehow the clutter always seems to creep back in. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you stay on top of the mess, once and for all.

Can’t ignore that overflowing wardrobe for much longer? Well then, let’s spring into step and give our homes a well-deserved declutter.

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Clear the halls

Tips for tidying up after Christmas

Store everything together. Save yourself the stress of clambering around the attic trying to locate all of your Christmas decorations. Make sure you put everything in the same spot in the attic or cupboard, and label all your boxes clearly so you know exactly what’s inside without having to open them.

Keep your baubles safe. Pack your festive decorations away safely with our Christmas decoration storage bag. With protective padded layers and flexible dividers – you can store up to 48 baubles!

Reuse. Think twice before throwing used wrapping paper away, or before putting Christmas cards in the bin. Neatly fold up used wrapping paper and store it away until next Christmas. Old Christmas cards can be cut into tags for your presents too! From Christmas crackers to ribbon, get creative and see how many materials you can keep and reuse.

xmas tidying tipsxmas tidying tipsxmas tidying tipsxmas tidying tips

Bedroom decluttering tips

1. Be ruthless. It’s time for a purge. When it comes to clearing out your wardrobe, you need to be cut-throat. That’s right, no more umming and ahing. Be honest with yourself, if you haven’t worn that dress in three years, how likely is that you’ll ever wear it again? Sort through your seldom-worn clothes, and decide which you want to give to charity, which you could pass down to friends or family, and which you’d like to sell online for a few extra pennies.

2. Use a laundry bin. Got a floordrobe in your bedroom? It’s okay, most of us do. While it might save us a few seconds in the evening, it can make laundry day a nightmare. Use a laundry bin to keep dirty clothes all in one place and out of sight. When the time comes to clean them, you can just carry the laundry bin over to the washing machine. It’s so much easier than trying to carry everything in your arms (losing several socks along the way).

3. Solve it with a shoe rack. There’s nothing more infuriating than being in a rush to go out, and not being able to find the right pair of shoes to match your outfit. With a shoe rack you can keep your trainers and heels organised and all in one place. A total game changer!

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Kitchen decluttering tips

4. Declutter your drawers. We’ve all got that junk drawer – stacked full of old receipts, sticky tape, and an infinite supply of Allen keys. Empty the drawer completely and give it a good wipe clean. Sort through your pile of stuff and decide what can stay and what can go. Pop a cutlery tray in the drawer and refill with all the bits you want to keep.

5. Worktop revival. Clear the clutter off your worktops and give it a wipe clean using a multi-purpose cleaner. If you want to go the extra mile, check out our worktop care guide for advice on looking after your kitchen surface. Now, think about the layout of your appliances, could your toaster or microwave be moved around to make more space? Play around with different arrangements and find one that works for you.

6. Go vertical. Free up valuable worktop space by fitting a wall organiser. You can hang a variety of kitchen accessories and utensils from the rail. What’s more, you can can even hang shelves from the rail - store jars, bowls, and even the odd houseplant to bring your kitchen to life!

kitchen storage tipskitchen storage tipskitchen storage tipskitchen storage tips

Bathroom decluttering tips

7. Only the essentials. Most of us have limited space in our bathrooms, so only keep the toiletries you use every day in your bathroom. Everything else can be kept in drawers or baskets in your bedroom or spare room.

8. Use hooks. If you haven’t got enough room for a towel rail in your bathroom, then hang your towels of dressing gown on hooks on the back of the door. We’ve got a selection of hooks that you can hang over the door - so there’s no need for drilling holes!

9. Make use of the wall. Space in your bathroom is precious. Our new Elland wall mounted bathroom accessories will help you keep your bathroom neat and tidy – whilst still looking super stylish. The wall mounted shelf with towel rail is perfect for storing everyday items, such as your toothbrush, hand soap, and facial cleanser.

bathroom tidying tipsbathroom tidying tipsbathroom tidying tipsbathroom tidying tips

Hallway decluttering tips

10. Hang it up. Always throwing coats and scarves onto the banister post? Or on top of the pile in the extremely full cupboard under the stairs? Utilise the space under your stairs and install some hooks. If you’re living in a rented property, or you’re just not a fan of making holes in walls – you can use Command adhesive hooks. They’re easy to attach to the wall, and a large hook can hold up to 2.2kg.

11. Build your storage to fit your needs. Use Atomia modular furniture to configure your perfect under stair shelving unit. Build your storage furniture to fit your lifestyle, whether you need more space for hanging coats, or extra space for storing your hat collection – you can make it work for you.

12. Put it in a basket. Use stylish baskets to keep your entryway looking neat and tidy. They’re great for storing all of the odd bits and bobs. We’ve got a range of storage baskets to choose from in different colours and materials, from trendy wire baskets to natural seagrass. Slide them onto shelves, under a bench, or simply place them in a corner.

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Looking for more tips for decluttering your home? Check out our kitchen storage ideas for advice on keeping your kitchen super clean and organised. And for a blissful bathroom retreat, have a read of our bathroom storage ideas.