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Our top 10 bathroom trends for 2023

Inspiring bathroom trend ideas you won't want to miss

With a new year just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start thinking about how you can refresh your tired bathroom aesthetic. Whether you're into vibrant maximalism or Scandinavian simplicity, there are plenty of emerging trends that you can recreate in your home on a budget. Keep reading to discover our top predicted bathroom trends for 2023. 

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1. Maximalist bathroom decor
2. Grey bathroom ideas
3. The English country bathroom
4. Panelled bathroom walls
5. Marble bathroom design
6. Nautical bathroom decor
7. Japandi bathroom look
8. Big and bold bathrooms
9. Luxury bathroom design
10. Spa-inspired bathrooms

bathroom trends 2023bathroom trends 2023bathroom trends 2023bathroom trends 2023

1. More is more with maximalist bathroom decor

Inject a daring dose of personality into your bathroom space by incorporating maximalist decor. The maximalist decor trend involves using colour, texture, and pattern (alongside a collection of vibrant accessories) to make your space bold, unique, and creative. In a nutshell, maximalist decor is taking your style to the max. If you’re wondering “how can I embrace the maximalist decor trend in my home?” then keep on reading.  

For a vibrant maximalist aesthetic, we recommend adding a dash of colour and a sprinkle of pattern to your bathroom walls and floors. Opt for a blood orange shade to add a sense of warmth to your space. Alternatively, pick a cool coastal grey for a revitalising look in your bathroom. Feeling extra daring? Take your maximalist bathroom to the next level by incorporating tropical print wallpaper, earthy green accessories, and terrazzo effect flooring.

maximalist bathroom ideasmaximalist bathroom ideasmaximalist bathroom ideasmaximalist bathroom ideas

2. Gorgeous grey bathroom ideas

Searches for grey bathrooms are on the rise and we can see why: grey is a gorgeously versatile shade that’s a perfect match for both traditional and modern-day bathrooms alike. From rustic charcoal to shimmering silver, there are shades of grey to suit all spaces. With so many cool and contemporary tones to work with, we’re predicting that grey bathrooms will be one of the hottest trends of 2023. 

If you’re looking to achieve a high-end look without breaking the bank, we suggest swapping out your old bathroom tiles for luxurious stone effect bathroom tiles. Pair your new bathroom tiles with light, pale grey walls for a serene, spa-like look and feel. Make a real statement by mixing grey bathroom furniture, such as the GoodHome Imandra gloss anthracite wall cabinet, with black bathroom accessories. This match made in heaven makes for a sleek, contemporary bathroom aesthetic.

grey bathroom ideasgrey bathroom ideasgrey bathroom ideasgrey bathroom ideas

3. The English country bathroom

Escape to the country by embracing the traditional English country trend in your bathroom. From exposed brick walls and rustic wooden features through to stone effect flooring and brass taps, there are so many ways you can transform your tired bathroom space into a fabulous farmhouse retreat. You could even try your hand at DIY wall panelling as a cost-effective approach to the on-trend country aesthetic.

Create a chic, rustic look in your bathroom with these country bathroom ideas:
country bathroom ideascountry bathroom ideascountry bathroom ideascountry bathroom ideas

4. Make your own panelled bathroom walls

Wall panelling was one of the biggest trends of 2022 and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So, why do so many people love wood panelling? Firstly, it’s easy to install (especially if you opt for DIY wall panelling). Secondly, it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to update your bathroom space without ripping your whole bathroom up. And lastly, it can completely transform the look and feel of your bathroom, creating depth, warmth, and character in otherwise cold spaces. 

There are several types of wall panelling that you can do at home. Some of our favourite styles for your bathroom include shiplap panelling and slatted panelling. Shiplap panelling creates an almost nautical looking theme in your bathroom, whereas slatted panelling offers a natural and contemporary aesthetic. Don’t know where to start when it comes to wall panelling? Check out our handy guide on How to transform your space with wall panelling to find out all you need to know.

bathroom shiplap panellingbathroom shiplap panellingbathroom shiplap panellingbathroom shiplap panelling

5. Elegant marble bathroom design

There’s nothing more elegant and luxurious than marble – and that’s why we’re predicting that marble bathrooms will be at the top of the trend list for 2023. Marble is a timeless look that oozes class and style – and is one that can be so easily incorporated into bathrooms. Think marble worktops, marble flooring, marble walls, and even marble bathroom accessories. There’s no such thing as too much marble. 

Wondering how you can achieve a luxe marble look in your bathroom without it costing a pretty penny? Here are our favourite cost-effect marble products for your bathroom:

•    Gloss marble effect floor tiles
•    Trentie marble wall tiles
•    GoodHome marble upstand
•    GoodHome marble soap dispenser
•    GoodHome marble soap dish

Top tip: pair with a gold effect shower and bathroom taps for a lavish luxury look.

marble bathroom accessoriesmarble bathroom accessoriesmarble bathroom accessoriesmarble bathroom accessories

6. Nautical bathroom decor

It’s all about shabby chic, nautical bathrooms in 2023. Inspired by the seaside and boat living, nautical themed bathrooms are filled with blue and white striped walls, sandy neutrals, and maritime themed accessories such as rope and anchors. Creating a nautical themed bathroom space is an ideal way to bring the outside in and create a sandy seaside escape at home. Keep on reading for our favourite nautical bathroom design ideas.

Shiplap panelling is a type of panelling that was originally installed in boats to keep them watertight. These days, shiplap panelling is used as a decorative addition to bathrooms to give a marine look and feel. Find out more about shiplap bathroom wall panelling by reading our guide on wall panelling. Alternatively, some of our favourite nautical decor accessories include this anchor shower curtain and the GoodHome blue and white toilet seat.

7. Get the Japandi bathroom look

Japandi decor boomed in 2022 and we’re predicting that it’ll be here to stay in 2023. Japandi decor is an effortless combination of Scandinavian simplicity and Japanese functionality – the perfect mixture for a serene, spa-like bathroom space. Whether you want to achieve a Japandi aesthetic in your bathroom, living room, or kitchen, make sure you incorporate lots of natural materials, clean lines, minimalist accessories, and neutral shades.

Transform your bathroom into a calming Japandi-inspired sanctuary with a curved countertop basin, wood-effect bathroom furniture, and a selection of artificial plants. Even the smallest of details can add to your hygge aesthetic – some of our favourites include neutral bathroom accessories, such as the GoodHome Balka tumbler and this natural woven laundry basket. Read our guide on Japandi bathrooms to get the complete look.

japandi bathroom designjapandi bathroom designjapandi bathroom designjapandi bathroom design

8. 2023 is the year of big and bold

Say goodbye to sterile white bathrooms – it’s time to embrace colour, tone, and character. As well as colourful maximalist bathrooms making a comeback, black bathroom design is on the up. Many homeowners are replacing their plain bathroom sanitaryware for bold black alternatives: think black showers, black taps, and statement black framed mirrors. 

Ready to make a statement in your bathroom with bold black bathroom design? Here are our favourite bold bathroom picks:
bold black bathroombold black bathroombold black bathroombold black bathroom

9. It’s all about lavish luxe bathroom design

Let's face it, luxury bathrooms are always on trend. Who wouldn’t want to come home after a long day and unwind in a luxury bathroom filled with gorgeous gold accessories and opulent mood lighting? The good news is that luxury bathrooms may appear high-end, but they don’t have to be expensive. You can achieve a luxury aesthetic in your bathroom with just a few budget-friendly upgrades. Keep reading to find out our favourite luxe bathroom buys.

Nothing screams luxury more than gold bathroom accessories. From a gold effect toilet brush holder through to gold bathroom taps, there are plenty of options to give your bathroom space that extravagant feel. If you’re looking for ultimate luxury, why not indulge in a gold designer towel radiator? Pair gold accessories with gorgeous green tones to finish off your dreamy deluxe look.

luxury bathroom ideasluxury bathroom ideasluxury bathroom ideasluxury bathroom ideas

10. Create a spa-inspired bathroom at home

One of the most popular concepts in modern bathroom design is the spa-inspired bathroom. Searches for spa bathroom ideas are on the rise, with many wanting that relaxing zen feel at home, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year (...let’s be honest – who wouldn’t?!)

Having a spa-like bathroom is all about relaxing essential oils, natural materials, ambient colours, and minimal spaces. Mimic the serene spa aesthetic at home by adding a selection of scented candles, luscious houseplants, and natural bamboo accessories in your bathroom. For a spa-like showering experience, opt for a walk-in shower (pictured below).

spa bathroom ideasspa bathroom ideasspa bathroom ideasspa bathroom ideas