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At B&Q, we love it when you share your thoughts on the products you've brought from our stores and on diy.ie. Leave a star rating and review on diy.ie to help other customers make the right decision and help us improve the products we offer.

At B&Q we understand how important it is to make the right decision when choosing a product, that’s why we provide reviews placed by other customers.

We value your opinion and know that great feedback is invaluable, so by telling us what you think, you can help inform the choices that future customers make and help improve the products we offer.

Tips for writing a great review

  • Focus on features and benefits of the product
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  • Say what you like or dislike about the product and most importantly, why?
  • Avoid mentioning competitors or other websites
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Please note that we can not publish the following:

  • Statements pertaining to delivery, availability or customer service.
    Please contact customer services for issues of this nature. Our Rating & Reviews service is for feedback on the product only
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