Interior paint covered

Find the right paint for your project

It can be easy to get overwhelmed with the different types of paints available. But by choosing the right features and colours for the right room, you can end up with the perfect finish that lasts longer. We’ll help you find out all you need to know with this handy guide.

emulsion paint buying guideemulsion paint buying guideemulsion paint buying guideemulsion paint buying guide

Emulsion paint

Wall or ceiling paint, also known as emulsion, is a paint that’s designed to give great coverage on plaster and artex – the surface usually used on ceilings.  Whether you want to create a neutral space with the odd pop of colour, or have a bold, contrasting palette, we’ll have a wall paint to suit your style.

And don’t forget the ceiling. These can become discoloured over time – especially if there’s an open fire in the room or you burn candles. Paint these white to make the room feel taller and airy or add a bit of colour and leave the walls blank if you want a cosier feel.

indoor paint buying guideindoor paint buying guideindoor paint buying guideindoor paint buying guide

Paint finishes

The paint finish you pick can change the look of your space during certain times of the day. For example, darker colours will have more sheen, because they contain more pigment than lighter colours.

Here’s a quick guide to which rooms each finish works best in:


  • Highly reflective, with a glass like effect.
  • Perfect for: Doors, furniture, window trims.  

Mid sheen

  • Creates a smooth, slightly reflective finish.
  • Perfect for: Kitchens, bathrooms, window trims.  

Eggshell and satin

  • Much less shine, but not totally matt, covers imperfections and uneven surfaces well.
  • Perfect for: Family rooms, hallways, kids’ bedrooms.


  • No reflection at all, provides great coverage.
  • Perfect for: Family rooms, ceilings, master bedrooms.  

We have a wide range of specialist paints too, from bathrooms and kitchens to flooring and furniture for the perfect paint for your space.  

paint buying guidepaint buying guidepaint buying guidepaint buying guide

The perfect colour match for you

We have a huge range of colour chips and tester pots that you can take home to help find your perfect match. And if your coffee table is full of colour samples and none are jumping out at you, use our colour mixing service. We have two exciting options for you:

  • We’ve got 2000 pre-selected colours available in store and online. Simply choose the colour that’s right for you, then choose your finish and finally your tin size.
  • Or, for something completely unique to you, you can use our colour matching service, whether you’re inspired by your favourite T-shirt, a record sleeve, or a stylish piece of furniture, we can match from over 2 million colours. So bring in your favourite item to the paint mixing desk in store and we we’ll scan it and create your bespoke shade.*

Colour matching service provided by Valspar®. We are unable to scan anything that’s too shiny, doesn’t provide a solid enough colour to match or is smaller than 1 inch sq.

how to choose the right paint colourhow to choose the right paint colourhow to choose the right paint colourhow to choose the right paint colour

Tools for the job

Once you’ve found your perfect finish and colour, don’t forget your frog tape, paint rollers, dust sheets and more to complete your project. We have a huge range of handy tools with easy storage and cleaning options to make the job as easy as possible.