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Guide for Selling Your Home
Your house is your castle, so why not present it at its very best First impressions speak volumes, presentation is everything when it comes to selling your home! Potential buyers are attracted to clean, spacious and attractive homes. Your goal is to dazzle buyers and to make your home sparkle like a diamond.

X for sale by owner

Preparing your Home for Sale


Clean everything scrub-down your home from top to bottom and makes it sparkle. Remember while cleaning your home, pay particular attention to the kitchen and bathroom. If you pay particular attention to these two areas, potential buyer will feel a lot more confident that the rest of the home has been maintained to a very high standard. Why not highlight your bathroom or en-suite by selecting some attractive new towels for display.

Windows Clean all windows both inside and outside your property this will create a good first impression for buyers.

Professional Cleaning Service Professional cleaning services are now available and may be an option if you are not able to complete this cleaning task yourself.


As the seller your commandment: must be thou shall remove all clutter. Clearing away all clutter is one of the best ways showcase your home, it will instantly appear larger and brighter. Anything that you will be not using in the next few months packed away into storage boxes.

Kitchen Clutter

The kitchen is one of the best places to start removing clutter, and is also one of easiest to tackle. First, remove everything off your counter tops. Put your toaster and other items in a press and only take out when using same.
If your kitchen presses, and drawers appear over loaded, it will send a negative signal to the potential buyer. Over loaded kitchen presses and drawers will not promote an image of plenty of storage space. The best way to tackle this situation is to provide as much "empty space" as possible.
Underneath the sink is very critical area, and may be over looked. Make sure this area beneath the sink is as empty as possible, removing all extra cleaning supplies. You should clean and scrub this area well, remove any tell-tale signs of water leaks as this can often cause a potential buyer to hesitate in buying your property.

Furniture Clutter

This is a crucial point for a quick sale most people can have too much furniture in certain rooms. Lots of furniture in a room is fine for your own personal living needs. Potential buyers must be given the illusion of plenty of space that what on there wish list.
If you require an example of this illusion just visit a new show house in your area. Usually a interior designers will have been commissioned by the builders to provide this service. Take a good look to see how they have placed all of the furniture in each room. This exercise will be very worth while on how you can now best place the furniture in your own home. You will have gained some ideas and a general guideline on what furniture to leave and what is to be removed.

Family Photos

Remove during viewing all family photos, sports trophies, collectible items, knick-knacks, and souvenirs. You may also consider storing all there items in a box until the sale of the property has been completed.

Doors & Windows

Check that all of your windows to make sure they open and close easily. If not, use a product like WD40 to spray on affected areas. Also check you have no cracked or broken window-panes. If discovered have same replaced before you put your property up for sale.
Now start the same process with all your doors making sure they open and close properly, without any creaking noises. If not, use a product like WD40 to spray on affected hinges this will usually get rid of any creaking noises. Make sure all your doorknobs turn easily, and that they are cleaned and polished to look sharp. Potential buyers will move from room to room, opening and closing doors as they go. Any difficulty experienced entering or leaving a room will not create a positive impression for your potential buyer.

Fresh Odors

Fresh cut flowers will make a welcomed addition, and a pleasantly scented house is very inviting for buyers. Whatever you do, don't be tempted to use a lot of air fresheners, some people sometimes find them offensive. It is very important to always, make sure your home smells lovely.

Smoke Odor

For those of you who smoke, you might want to minimize smoking indoors while trying to sell your property. You may require purchasing an ozone spray that helps to remove odors without creating a masking odor.

Pet Odors

For those with cats, be sure to empty the litter box daily. As you are cleaning out the cat litter box why not use the addition of a light mildly scented candle. For all dog owners, keep your dog outdoors as much as possible, even those adorable smaller breeds. All pets if possible should be absent or out of the potential buyers way during a viewing times.


In the event of an evening viewing, make sure you have ample lighting available in all areas. Use brighter lighting try switching to 100 watt bulbs for maximum wattage. This extra lighting will allow the rooms to appear brighter, larger, and warmer. Some rooms may benefit from using warmer color light bulbs this is a case of trial and error.
In addition to brighter light bulbs, when showing your home provide plenty of natural sunlight. Open all the curtains to let all that lovely sunshine in. This will also help to make your home a warmer, welcoming environment.

Interior Paintwork

Painting makes a house look brilliantly fresh and new on the inside and never fails to impress. I would suggest giving your front door a fresh coat of paint for that warmer, welcome feeling. Touch up all paintwork this is a tell tale sign for potential buyer. The signs of peeling paint will send the wrong signal; buyers may assume that you have not taken care of your property.


Some estate agents recommend to repainting with a neutral color palette to appeal to a wider range of potential buyer's good idea. Painting can be your best investment when it comes to selling your home. It is not a very expensive operation and often you can do it yourself. Do not choose colors based on your own preferences, but based on what would appeal to the widest possible number of potential buyers. You should almost always choose an off-white color because white helps your rooms to appear bright and more spacious.


Before you start showing your home, clean the ceilings, fix any cracks or imperfections, and repaint if necessary. It is a common saying that most people never look up, but when looking at a home, people are more likely to look in places that they normal do not. Check all your ceilings for water stains, if a potential buyer sees a water stain, they will assume there may be a problem with the roof, or maybe the plumbing or central heating system.

Exterior Paintwork

Always make sure that the exterior is in excellent shape. Check the exterior of your property for signs of wear or damage, such as peeling paint. The big decision is whether to paint or not to paint. Take a good look at your property from across the road, does its appearance look tired and dated. If the answer is yes it would be a very good investment to repaint. This new paint job will really brighten up the exterior appearance of your home, and will appeal to a much wider the number of potential buyers.

Heating & Plumbing

Have your central heating boiler serviced make sure your all necessary repairs to the plumbing systems are completed.

Carpet and Flooring

Unless your carpet appears old and worn, or look outdated in style or color, you probably should do nothing more than hire a good carpet cleaner. If you do choose to replace them, do so with something inexpensive in a fairly neutral colour.


Repair or replace broken floor tiles, you may not spend a lot of money on this type of repair. Your goal is simply to remove as many negative impressions of the property for the potential buyer.

X Tulips


Golden Rule

The golden rule is gardens sell houses so treat you garden with the same attention to detail as you would a room. Simple aesthetic improvements will make a big different to the over all affect of your gardens sale ability. Remember its all about first impressions so never forget the landscaping at the front of your home very important.


If you have an area for flowers, buy mature colourful flowers and plant them. They add a splash of vibrancy and colour, creating a favorable first impression. Do not buy bulbs or seeds and plant them. They will not mature in time for you to create the desired effect. The last thing you want is a patch of bare earth for potential buyers to see.

Shrubs & Trees

Keep all your shrubs and trees regularly trimmed, weed and water same. If you have the space why not, buy a few shrubs and plant them. Do not buy trees, as mature trees can be expensive, and you will be a good investment. Trees that are still immature, will not really add much to the over all appearance value of your home.


Keep your lawn neatly cut, freshly edged, well watered, and free of bare patches. If there are problems with your lawn, you should probably take care of them before working on the inside of your home. This is because certain areas may need to re-sow with grass seed. This area will need to be given a chance to grow and not to appear immediately apparent. Plus, you might want to give the fertilizer enough time to be effective.

Garden Maintenance

Maintain all new and improved garden exterior of your home until you have successfully sold your property.

Final Run Through

X sale agreed

Preparing your property for sale, simply put make it all it can be. Now take a step back and imagine you are the potential buyer. Get help why not ask a friend to take a look and point out any missed areas. Ask advice from your estate agent as they may have a few pearls of wisdom. Each time a potential buyer is going to view your home always makes a last minute check before they arrive.
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